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The Deluxe Double Faucet Tower Kegerator Conversion Kit comes with everything you will need to successfully convert your refrigerator or chest freezer into a two product draft beer cooler. This kegerator kit is designed to run two completely separate kegs. Depending upon your refrigerator capacity, you can run 2 full size kegs, 2 pony kegs, 2 6 gallon kegs or any combination you choose. All the draft beer parts are of the highest commercial grade quality which are designed and built to last.

When converting a compact refrigerator it is very important to know your internal dimensions of your refrigerator with the door shut to insure that this beer cooler conversion kit will work on your compact refrigerator or chest freezer. Please call us at 858-653-5950 if you have any questions or doubts about the necessary requirements to successfully convert your unit. To fit a full size keg in a refrigerator, you will need a minimum of 28" Interior Height and 17" width and depth. For a pony keg you will need 18" Interior Height and 17" width and depth. Remember to measure the depth with the door closed. When measuring the Interior Height, be sure to measure from the top of the compressor step bottom shelf. All refrigerators have a compressor step that needs to be accounted for when measuring your interior height. You can call us at (858) 653-5950 if you have any additional questions or concerns about the conversion process. We are draft beer experts and can help qualify if this kit will work for you.

Our kegerator conversion kits come complete with detailed instructions and are supported by our friendly and experienced product specialists. You can count on them for personalized attention both before and after your purchase.


  1. New 5 lbs Aluminum Co2 Tank. 5.5" diameter, 18.25" height, 1800 psi, CGA-320 valve. Good for 5-7 Kegs. Tanks are shipped empty and will need to be filled locally.
  2. Commercial Grade Gauge Co2 Regulator with Co2 Splitter.
  3. Two Separate 5 Feet of 5/16" Air/Co2 Line Assemblies. ?Learn More
  4. Two KT85D-L American "D" System Sankey Lever Handle Couplers. ?Learn More
  5. Single Column, Double Faucet 3" Polished Stainless Steel Draft Beer Tower. ?Learn More
  6. Two Chrome Plated Faucets with Brass Lever. ?Learn More
  7. Stainless Steel Surface Mount Drip Tray with No Drain ?Learn More
  8. Two Comes with black ABS plastic Faucet Knobs.
  9. 1 Fiber Washer that is placed between regulator and Co2 Tank. This washer is optional. You can pick up additional washers when you get you tank filled.
  10. Two Neoprene Washers that are placed between the keg couplers and the beer line assemblies. The purpose of these washers are to stop any beer from leaking out the top of the keg couplers.
  11. Deluxe Specialty Faucet Wrench ?Learn More
  12. Detailed Instruction/Installation Manual.

All additional technical questions can be handled by one of our friendly technical support staff by calling toll free 1-800-710-9939.

UPC: 608866316831

Kegco Deluxe Double Faucet Tower Beer Dispenser Conversion Kit w/ Tank EBDTCK2-T742-2_5 - On Ebay Reviews

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