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Introducing Kegco's all-new KOM19S-2 Dual Faucet Kombucharator Kombucha Cooler, which makes it easier than ever to store, refrigerate, and dispense two flavors of kombucha at the same time. Kombucha is a delicious and nutritional probiotic tea packed with compounds that help support your digestive and immune systems, detoxify, energize, clarify your skin, prevent disease, and elevate your mood. Kegco has designed these kombucharators with stainless steel fittings and a stainless steel faucet to ensure a sanitary environment for the live cultures found in kombucha. This unit comes complete with all of the parts necessary to dispense two kegs of 'buch' at once, allowing you to experiment with different flavors and compare!

Home Brew Setup.

Included with this kombucha keg dispenser is a dual faucet draft tower with stainless steel faucets and fittings, two sets of ball lock keg couplers for use with Cornelius Pepsi kegs, a commercial-grade dual gauge two product CO2 regulator, and a 5 lb. aluminum CO2 tank with glossy red coating. The CO2 tank ships empty, and once it has been filled it can pressurize up to fourteen five gallon kegs before it will need refilling. The sleek black cabinet features a reversible stainless steel door that will look great with any decor, and its spacious interior can hold up to two corny kegs simultaneously. Other convenient features include a built-in drip tray for easy clean-up, a chrome guard rail that helps prevent mugs and glasses from sliding off of the countertop, and rolling casters that allow you to easily move the unit from room to room. When you aren't storing and dispensing kombucha kegs, the keg cooler can be converted into an all-refrigerator using the two included adjustable wire shelves, providing extra refrigerated storage for food and other beverages.

  • Kegco KOM19S-2 Kombucharator and Dual Faucet Kombucha Dispense System
  • Black cabinet with stainless steel door
  • This kombucha keg dispenser comes with a complete direct draw kit for two home brew kombucha kegs.
  • Includes a brand new aluminum 5 lb. Aluminum CO2 Tank with Red Finish
    This tank is produced from high strength aluminum alloy 6061-T6, a highly corrosion-resistant material. It features an eye-catching glossy red coating that acts as an extra layer of protection against corrosion and wear. The service pressure is up to 1800 PSI/124 BAR with a test pressure of 3000 PSI/207 BAR. These cylinders are stamped with the required U.S. Department of Transportation and Transport Canada Markings. The 320 Valves are CGA approved, and have a male thread for Co2 Regulators. An average fill is good for about 14 Cornelius ball lock home-brew kegs depending upon your fill.
  • Includes NSF Commercial Grade Double Gauge Two Product Regulator
    This regulator works with any CO2 tank with a CGA-320 valve. The top gauge measures PSI, indicating how much CO2 pressure is inside of the keg. The side gauge measures the remaining volume of CO2 in the tank, so you'll know when it's about time to get the tank filled. This regulator features a T-style adjustment valve that can be adjusted by hand, eliminating the need for a screwdriver, as well as a Y splitter and two independent shut-off valves for two product dispensing.
  • Includes two 5 foot lengths of 5/16 Inch I.D. Air Line Assembly with 2 Snap Clamps each
    The two standard lengths of 5 feet of 5/16" I.D. Blue Air/CO2 Tubing are made of Thermoplastic Vinyl Hose (Super Vinyl). This tubing will not rot, swell or dry out and is unaffected by normal cleaning compounds. Each air line assembly comes with two plastic snap clamps with a reusable clamp design.
  • Includes two sets of Ball Lock Home Brew Keg Couplers
    These complete ball lock home brew keg tap sets include both gas in and beer out couplers for easy tapping of ball lock Cornelius Pepsi kegs. The gas in has a 1/4" nut and 5/16" hose barb already attached for easy connection to the air line. The beer out connector has a 3/16" hose barb that connects to the 3/16" beer line.
  • Includes a 3" Diameter Double Faucet Stainless Steel Draft Tower
    This NSF-approved tower is a 3" diameter single column, double faucet polished stainless steel draft tower with 100% stainless steel contact. The stainless steel contact is necessary for good sanitation when dealing with the live cultures present in kombucha. This tower comes complete with two stainless steel faucets and two 5 foot lengths of 3/16 inch I.D. clear tubing. The tower can be easily mounted using the gasket and four screws that are included.
  • Maximum Ambient Temperature: 100 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Minimum Ambient Temperature: The lowest temperature you want to store your kegs at. The unit does not have a heater, so if the ambient temperature is lower than the set temperature, the internal temperature will match the external temperature.
  • Measures 33"H x 20"W x 25.5"D
  • Reversible door
  • Includes two full-width wire shelves and a hole plug to convert into a compact refrigerator
  • Removable drip tray with grill collects spills
  • Chrome guard rail helps prevent your mugs and glasses from sliding off
  • Steel interior floor mat ensures long lasting durability and easy glide of kegs
  • Textured serving counter top
  • External tank mount with knockout for air line
  • 25% more energy efficient design saves you money each month
  • UL listed
  • Warranty: 1 year parts and labor, 5 years parts only on compressor and sealed system
UPC: 608729692973
Labor1 Year
Parts1 Year
Compressor (Parts Only)5 Years
Key Features
Built-in CapableNo
Security LockNo
Keg CouplerBall Lock Keg Couplers
RegulatorKegco 762-2 Dual Gauge Two Product Regulator
CO2 Tank5 lb. Aluminum CO2 Tank with Red Finish
Cleaning KitNot Included
Outdoor UseNo
Commercial UseNo
Keg Storage Capacities
Full Size / 1/2-Barrel1
Pony Size / 1/4-Barrel1
1/4-Barrel Slim1
5 gal. Ball/Pin Lock Keg2
Drip TrayYes
Guard RailYes
PDFInstruction Manual
PDFDispense Kit Assembly Manual
PDFParts Diagram
PDFEnergy Guide

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