Beverage-Air Dual Faucet Two Product Kegerators

Beverage Air Kegerators feature Dual Faucets for dispensing and enjoying your favorite draft beer: or two of your favorite draft beers! A leader in quality and efficiency, Beverage-Air's Dual Tap Kegerators offer full beer keg capacity, heavy-duty design, and forced air refrigeration so your favorite beers are dispensed icy cold every time! These two product dual faucet kegerators come with a stainless steel double faucet draft tower and is capable of storing two 5 gallon kegs, one pony keg, and one full size keg.

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Founded in 1944, Beverage-Air is a leading manufacturer of commercial refrigeration equipment to the foodservice and beverage industries as well as to the public. Offering the very finest of Kegerators and beer dispensing equipment, Beverage-Air is also famous for their high quality coolers, freezers, and refrigerators.