Bodum 1208-01 SANTOS Stovetop 8 Cup Vacuum Coffee Maker, 1 L.

No other coffee maker has fascinated passionate coffee drinkers like the Santos. In the mid-50's Peter Bodum imported a French "vacuum" coffee maker and sold it for a couple of years on the Danish market. He became convinced that the "vacuum coffee brewing system" was the best way to brew a good cup of coffee.

With this in mind he set out to develop the first Bodum vacuum coffee maker in cooperation with one of Denmark's first product designers, the architect Kaas Klaeson. Their slogan, "design should not be expensive," is one that Bodum still stands for!

In creating a coffee maker to use on the stovetop as well as on a spirit burner at the table, they bridged the gap between everyday use and special events. His new, revolutionary nylon filter achieved a break-through in coffee brewing quality, far overshadowing the existing cotton and glass filters on the market. This patented filter strained coffee to a fine, tasteful and still aromatic coffee with nearly no sediments left over in the cup - a feat no coffee filter of the time was capable of.

With its patented "valve sealing" a preventing too high of a vacuum to be formed, Santos became the coffee maker of the 50's, 60's, and a good part of the 70's. Its popularity grew to the point you could find a Santos in nearly every Scandinavian home.

When the brewing process is finished, the funnel is removed, and a hot and excellent coffee is ready to drink. Aromatic and delightfully served!

Follow the visual wonder of water rising into the funnel and its mysterious return as black coffee into the serving jug. A unique physical process with the ideal balance between the 94°C, 201 F water and just the right brewing time, extracting the finest aroma from all types of coffee.

  • 8-cup (32 oz.) capacity
  • Unique and revolutionary vacuum design
  • Patented nylon filter strains coffee to a fine, tasteful and aromatic brew with nearly no sediments left over in the cup
  • Patented "valve sealing" prevents too high of a vacuum from forming
  • Can be used on stove or spirit burner

UPC: 727015100241

Bodum 1208-01 SANTOS Stovetop 8 Cup Vacuum Coffee Maker, 1 L. Reviews

Average Customer Rating:
(based on 1 reviews) 
by:Mary (03-02-2011)
Ventura, CA
Comments:My Daughter purchased this for me as a Christmas present for our Cabin in Big Bear. I absolutely love it. It is the best coffee ever had and easy to use on the stove.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
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