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Bodum 1842-01US ASSAM 2 Cup Tea Press, 0.5 L.

Enlarge Bodum 1842-01US ASSAM 2 Cup Tea Press, 0.5 L.
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The Assam is the most-sold tea pot in the Bodum collection, and for good reason. Simplicity was the goal of this series, and the design and ease-of-use only bolster that point.

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Tea and the British seem to be inseparable in our perception of English culture. When Bodum was asked by the British Tea Council to develop a new way of brewing tea we were rather proud. We set out with the goal to make an innovation in tea drinking, and the Bodum tea-brewing system was born. The right way to brew tea to an individual taste!

The Assam is the most sold tea maker in the Bodum tea maker collection. This could be due to its low price point or the fact that this practical and easy to use tea maker infuses the most delicious aromas of your preferred tea, whether an herbal mint, as you might enjoy in Marrakech, or a "two leaves and a bud" first flush Darjeeling.

The ABS plastic handle is fixed to the heat resistant glass with high-tech glue to provide a secure and easy grip when pouring your hot aromatic tea. The unique Bodum tea press strainer, made of polycarbonate plastic, can be cleaned in the dishwasher together with the teapot making it the ultimate everyday tea maker.

Instructions for Use:

  1. Boil water
  2. Place your preferred tealeaves in the strainer
  3. Pour in the hot water
  4. Place the plunger in the strainer
  5. Wait 3-4 min. or to your preferred taste
  6. Press down the plunger
  7. The brewing process has stopped!

No need to remove the strainer - no mess - no burned fingers, only the true unforgettable and delicious taste of tea! It's actually much easier to use than tea bags and the taste is beyond any comparison.

  • 2 Cups / 0.5 L. / 17 oz. Capacity
  • Color: Black & Clear
  • Heat Resistant Borosilicate Glass
  • Unique Tea Press for Perfect Taste
  • Designed for the British Tea Council
  • ABS Plastic Handle

UPC: 727015303475

Bodum 1842-01US ASSAM 2 Cup Tea Press, 0.5 L. Reviews

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