Advanced Beer Line Cleaner Blue Tracer 32 oz

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Draftec Advanced Beer Line Cleaner will clean the most stubborn draft lines. Its proprietary formulation was designed to attack not only the beer stone, but every element of beer line soils. Used as directed, Draftec Beer Line Cleaner will eliminate mineral crystals, hops, resins, proteins, carbohydrates and bio films that are embedded or adhere to the polymers of the beer tubing. Blue trace line indicator identifies that lines are being cleaned. Manufactured in the US.

  • Removes hop resins, yeast residue, sugar build-up, bacteria, proteins, and mold.
  • Proven to be the most efficient cleaner on the market.
  • Liquid line cleaner mixes easily with water.
  • Blue tracer dye identifies that lines are being cleaned.
  • 32 oz. Bottles allow for shipping without expensive HAZMAT fees.
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Approved by all major American breweries.
    UPC: 811699009327
  • Advanced Beer Line Cleaner Blue Tracer 32 oz Reviews

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    Best. Beer line. Cleaner on the. Market
    by:Jimmythebudman (08-07-2014)
    East coast of. Florida.
    Comments:Draft. Tec By far the. Best beer line cleaner. On the. Market

    Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
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