Single Bottle Kegerator Cleaning Container Kit

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These kits are both economical and easy to use. Just tap one of these bottles filled with cleaning solution like it was a normal keg to clean out your lines. Clean lines mean fresh tasting beer.

Sankey Type fits "D" & "S" couplers. Complete kit includes 1 one gallon container and 1 container cap.

  1. Fill the cleaning bottle with line cleaner solution. Secure the bottle cap onto the mouth. Detach the keg coupler from your keg and attach it to the cleaning bottle cap.
  2. Place a bucket or drain underneath your faucet to catch the cleaning fluid. Your draft beer system is now ready to be cleaned.
  3. Pull forward on your faucet handle to begin. Your CO2 cannister forces the cleaning solution through the keg coupler, through the beer lines, out of your faucet and into the waiting waste receptacle.
  4. Repeat the above with clean water to rinse the lines, and you now have a clean, fresh-tasting draft beer system again.

We recommend that you clean your draft beer system with Beer Line Cleaner at least every month or every other keg. Every four or five normal cleanings, we suggest you use an Acid Line Cleaner to remove mineral deposits and prolong the life and quality of your draft beer system.

Single Bottle Kegerator Cleaning Container Kit Reviews

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Excellent product, cleaner keg system.
by:Murf (02-19-2014)
Milan, NH
Comments:Makes easy cleaning of keg equipment and lines. So easy , you'll want to do it more often.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
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