Kegco Low Profile Deluxe Door Mount Kegerator Kit

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The Kegco Low Profile Door Mount Kegerator Conversion Kit is perfect for refrigerators or freezers that have a lower interior height and cannot allow for a standard keg coupler and the beer line to extend off the top of the keg. The low profile keg coupler is shorter than the standard lever handle coupler and the beer line extends from the side of the coupler instead of the top, further reducing the space needed above the keg. This kit comes with the beer parts you will need to successfully convert your refrigerator into a draft beer dispenser (The Co2 Tank is Extra and not included in the kit). All the draft beer parts are of the highest commercial grade quality which are designed and built to last.
  1. (Optional) Co2 Tank. We offer the Co2 Tank as an optional kit component because many people already have one or would like a large tank size. All of our brand new tanks are made from high strength aluminum alloy which is not as heavy as a steel tank and will not rust. If you do not already have a tank, we highly recommend you take advantage of our incredible low price on brand new Co2 tanks.
  2. This premium pro series single gauge regulator is built with high end features! The premium pro series regulator works with any Co2 Tank with a pressure valve and measures PSI, as well as the volume of the Co2 gas in the Cylinder. The large turn knob in the center is used to easily adjust the output pressure. The premium pro series single gauge Co2 regulator has a chrome plated brass body. This regulator also features a manual pressure release valve.
  3. 5 Feet of 5/16" Air/Co2 Line Assembly. The standard length is 5 feet of 5/16" I.D. Blue Air/Co2 Tubing made of Themoplastic Vinyl Hose (Super Vinyl). This tubing will not rot, swell or dry out and is unaffected by normal cleaning compounds. This air line assembly comes with two Plastic Snap Clamps with a reusable clamp design. Reusable plastic clamps make it easier to swich out taps or for cleaning.
  4. Perlick Low Profile American "D" System Coupler. The 40030 is compatible with all domestic brand kegs. This keg tap works with all American "D" system sankey kegs.
  5. Stainless Steel Drip Tray with Back Spash (No Drain). The DP117 is an all stainless steel door mounted drip tray. This drip tray is 6" wide and is mounted do the door through two screw holes on the backsplash. There is no drain on this drip tray, so it will have to be manually emptied. This drip tray is popular due to its clean design and durability. The top vent comes off for easy cleaning.
  6. 5 Feet of Beer Line Assembly.
  7. 4-1/8" Long Shank with Nipple Assembly. This shank is 4-1/8" long measured from the end of the threading to the end where the faucet attaches. A shank is used to attach a beer line to a faucet. The shank is mounted through a 1" hole in a wall, refrigerator door, cabinet, etc. The shank comes with a black flange on the front and a compression ring on the back. The compression ring is used to secure the shank to the mounting surface. All shanks come fitted with a tail piece for beer line connection.
  8. Chrome Plated Faucet with Brass Lever.
  9. Comes with black ABS plastic Faucet Knob.
  10. 1 Fiber Washer that is placed between regulator and Co2 Tank. This washer is optional. You can pick up additional washers when you get you tank filled.
  11. Deluxe Specialty Faucet Wrench
  12. Detailed Instruction/Installation Manual.
    • All additional technical questions can be handled by one of our friendly technical support staff by calling toll free 1-800-710-9939.

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