DP-120D-16 - 16" Stainless Steel Surface Mount Drain Tray, with Drain

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This Surface Mount Drip Tray Series is manufactured of 100% Stainless Steel. This Drip Tray Series ranges from a length of 12" up to 45" long and a standard width of 5". This Drip Tray series also includes a threaded drain nipple with hex nut. The drain will attach to a 1/2" I.D. drain hose.
  • Type: Surface Mount
  • Dimensions 16"L x 5"W x 3/4"H
  • Faucets: 2-4
  • Finish: Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Easy installation: simply drill one hole to locate and secure.
  • Fast draining, precision louvered screen.
  • Center mounted solid brass drain.
  • Drain Threaded Brass 3-1/2" x 1/2" I.D.

DP-120D-16 - 16" Stainless Steel Surface Mount Drain Tray, with Drain Reviews

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Good build, one issue so far.
by:Brian (06-20-2013)
Los Angeles, CA
Comments:For the most part this is a great drain tray. Metal is sturdy enough for its purpose, just don't lean on it. You'd be hard pressed to bend it using a mug without breaking the mug, and it will certainly hold several mugs with beer in them. The metal is not ferrous. Magnets do not stick to it, except for the threaded drain attachment plug.

Since you can't see it in the picture, the drain hole has a 0.5-inch threaded plug extending from the bottom in the center. This makes it easy to attach whatever custom plumbing or tubing you like, or even plug it to turn it into a drip tray with no drain. This is perfect for me as this is going in a keezer and my intent was to drain to the side, so that long copper tube can be tossed out and replaced with e.g. a flanged rubber tube attachment.

Three problems, two sort of minor, one an actual issue:

1 (very minor): It's difficult to remove the splash guard from the drain tray. This is easily solved by keeping a plastic spatula or some other sturdy flat tool around, to poke between the slots and lift it out. The only issue is it's a heavy piece, so you can't comfortably do it with fingers. There will be a temptation to use a flathead screwdriver, which will probably leave scratches and bend marks on the metal. The metal isn't magnetic, so you can't lift it out that way either. I had some success using fingers to pry it out from the long side, alternating hands and taking advantage of the half-inch gap at the top, but can't imagine having success with that when my hands have been exposed to cleaning fluids. Really this is a minor concern, and I only mention it because I've seen other splash guards with finger holes on the side for easy removal.

2 (aesthetic): The splash guard seems to have been cut from a large strip of metal and then bent at the long edges so it stands up. I won't complain too much about cheap construction, as there were more expensive models to choose, but this was perforated to form the drain slits and then cut to size, and the drain slits don't line up with the cuts. The right hand edge is cut through solid metal between two slits, but the left edge goes through the middle of one of the drain slits. The correct solution would have been to leave some flat metal at both sides so there was a good place to make the cuts, but they cut corners to save time and materials and the left edge has the first third of a drain slit cut at the edge. This does not leave any sharp edges, it's purely aesthetic.

3 (somewhat major): The splash guard doesn't fit well within the drain tray. The splash guard fits horizontally but leaves a 0.5-inch gap at the top edge, leaving lots of room for it to move around. The actual clearance is 3/8 inch between the vertical sides of the two pieces, but it looks like a full half inch due to the curved edge of the splash guard. This is more of an aesthetic problem, since it looks like the pieces weren't made for each other. The splash guard can move around and leave a .5" gap at the bottom, .5" gap at the top, or go askew and not line up. I could hold the splash guard in place by putting a 3/8" piece of aluminum between the pieces, but that would be a crevice for gunk to build up in and possibly mold. Ideally, the drain tray would just be 1/4" shorter.

Bottom line is, I wish I'd been aware of the aesthetic and design issues when buying, but I probably still would have bought this one. When it comes down to it large drain trays are a specialty item, and the only way you'll get one that's perfect is to either make it yourself or spend a lot more money. I took off two stars for the issues above, since I feel like the manufacturer went a little too far trying to minimize manufacturing expense, and I remember seeing similarly priced splash guards without those issues.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
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