Kegco K199SS-G Guinness® Dispensing Kegerator with Black Cabinet and Stainless Steel Door

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The Kegco K199SS-G Kegerator is a great Single-Tap Guinness® Draught Beer Dispenser. This Kegerator is equipped with a complete Direct Draw Kit for U System Domestic Kegs, which includes brands like Harp and Kilkenny in addition to Guinness®. This beer cooler houses your kegs in an all-black cabinet with an elegantly designed, field reversible stainless steel door. With 2-1/2" Casters you can move this stylish Kegerator to any room in your home, from the Kitchen, to the home bar, to the Mancave. Two removable wire shelves allow you to easily convert this Kegerator into an All-Refrigerator/Beverage Center. This Kegerator is ideal for any St.Patrick's Day celebration, but any day is a lovely day for Guinness®! So sit back, relax, and enjoy your meal and or game with an ice cold draught beer served directly from your new Kegerator!

Commercial Keg Setup.

This Kegco K199SS-G comes complete with all the necessary Draft Beer equipment you need to pour Fresh Draft Beer straight from your keg. Included with the Kegco K199SS-G Kegerator is a 22 cu. ft. Aluminum Nitrogen Tank, a Single Gauge Regulator with a tank adapter, a U System Keg Coupler, and a 15" Polished Stainless Steel Draft Beer Tower with a Chrome Plated Metal Stout Beer Faucet. The Single Gauge Regulator measures Pounds Per Square Inch (PSI), features a Safety Blow Off at 55-65 PSI, and comes with a flow control inlet nipple filter as well as a permanent Quad-Ring Inlet Seal. The U System Keg Coupler has an easy to use squeeze handle.

External Tank MountGas suppliers vary on how they handle mixed blend tanks. Some facilities will fill your tank for you on the spot, some will exchange your tank for a full one and some will take your tank and send it somewhere to be filled, requiring you to come back and pick it up later. Before you buy, you may want to find out what your options are locally. If you have a hard time finding a supplier for the blended gas, find a local bar that serves Guinness® and ask who supplies them. It is made up of 75% nitrogen and 25% Co2 and is commonly referred to as beer gas, beer mix, mixed blend or Guinness® gas. A benefit of the K199SS-G is that is has a knockout for an external tank so if you cannot get your tank filled and they provide a much larger nitrogen tank than would fit inside the kegerator, you will still be able to use it. The external tank mount can fit a 22 cubic foot nitrogen tank while larger tanks would have to sit on the ground, as shown in the image to the right.

This Draft Beer Dispenser is created for in home use and is both quiet and energy efficient, making the storing of your kegs in your home a more pleasant experience over and above what some other kegerators would. Though quiet and energy efficient this Kegerator has the capacity to hold Full-Size Kegs (15.5 gal), 1/4 Beer Barrels (7.75 gal), and 5 gallon kegs.

Additional Features of this Single-Tap Full-Size Kegco K199SS-G Kegerator includes a Removable Drip Tray to collect spills, a metal Interior floor mat for long lasting durability and easy glide of beer keg, a gas hose, beer tubing, washer, clamps, a textured serving counter top and an attractive metal safety rail to help keep your beer mugs and glasses from sliding off.

  • The Kegco K199SS-G Guinness® Dispenser Kegerator features a Black Cabinet with an attractive Stainless Steel Door
  • This Keg dispenser comes with a complete Direct Draw Kit for U System Kegs. This Keg Tap system comes with all the commercial grade components needed to tap a keg of Guinness®, Harp, Kilkenny or other U system kegs.
  • Includes a brand new aluminum 22 cu. ft. Aluminum Nitrogen Tank
    This Tank is produced from high strength aluminum alloy 6061-T6. This is superior to a steel tank because it will not rust. The service pressure is up to 2216 PSI/153 BAR. These cyldiners are stamped with required U.S. Department of Transportation and Transport Canada Markings. The 580 Valves are CGA approved, and have a female thread for nitrogen regulators. Average fill good for 5-6 Kegs depending upon your fill. (5.5" diameter, 18.5" Height).
  • Includes Single Gauge Co2 Regulator with a Co2 to nitrogen tank adapter
    The single gauge measures PSI indicating how much pressure is inside the keg. Adjustable output pressure 0-60 psi. 3000 psig Max Primary Inlet. 60 psig Safety Relief Valve R82. Female CGA-320 connection. Ball valve outlet w/ 5/16" OD Hose Barb connection. Total ports = (2) Primary 1/4" FNPT ports, (2) Secondary 1/4" FNPT ports. UL Listed, Compressed Gas Regulator - for use w/ Air, Co2 and Inert Gases. This Regulator works with any Co2 Tank with a CGA-320 valve. The A870 Nitrogen Tank adapter allows you to connect the female 320 end of this regulator to the female 580 end of a nitrogen tank. The adapter can be removed to use the regulator with a Co2 tank for maximum versatility.
  • Includes 5 feet of 5/16 Inch I.D. Draft Beer Line Assembly with 2 Snap Clamps
    The standard length is 5 feet of 5/16" I.D. Blue Air/Co2 Tubing made of Themoplastic Vinyl Hose (Super Vinyl). This tubing will not rot, swell or dry out and is unaffected by normal cleaning compounds. This air line assembly comes with two Plastic Snap Clamps with a reusable clamp design.
  • Includes U system Lever Handle Keg Coupler
    This is a Commercial Grade Lever Handle Keg Coupler. The K199B-G is compatible with all U System kegs. This coupler features a 55-psi pressure relief valve and a nickel-plated forged brass body. To tap a keg all you have to do is squeeze the handles together and then push down on the lever handle to properly couple the keg. There is an option to add a second keg coupler if you'd like to be able to serve other types of beers.
  • Includes a 3" Diameter polished Stainless Steel Draft Tower
    The Tower is a commercial grade Single Column, Single Faucet, 3" Diameter, Stainless Steel Draft Tower. This Tower comes complete with a chrome plated stout faucet and 5 Feet of 3/16 Inch I.D. Clear Beer Tubing that ends in a Nozzle & Hex Nut Assembly that connects to all standard keg couplers. This Tower is mounted using the gasket and four screws that are included.
  • Includes Chrome Plated Stout Beer Faucet
    To properly pour Guinness® and achieve the famous and unique head on the beer requires a specialty European Stout Beer Faucet. The faucet operates by pulling forward and down on the tap handle. In addition, this economy stout faucet features a restricted spout that contains a tiny disc. The restrictor disc helps slow down the pour and allows the beer to pour properly. If you need to pour regular beer with this faucet, just remove the restrictor disc.
  • Measures at 33"H x 20"W x 25.5"D
  • Reversible Door
  • the Kegco K199B-G Beer Dispenser comes with 2 full-width wire shelves and a hole plug which allows you to convert kegerator into a Compact Refrigerator.
  • Holds: 1/2 barrels / Full Size Kegs (15.5gal), 1/4 barrels / Ponies (7.75gal)
  • Removable Drip Tray with Grill to Collect spills
  • Chrome Guard Rail to Protect Your Mugs and Glasses from Sliding Off
  • Metal interior floor mat for long lasting durability and easy glide of beer keg.
  • Textured serving counter top.
  • 1 year parts and labor.
  • 5 years on compressor (parts only)

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PDFInstruction Manual
PDFDispense Kit Assembly Manual
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