Pico C - Craft Beer Brewing Appliance

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Enjoy a great craft beer with this automated craft brewing machine! Traditional beer brewing takes a lot of time and involves lots of sanitation, cleaning, and requires some basic chemistry training. Be part of the modern world and use higher technology in brewing with this professionally made Pico-C Craft Beer Brewing Appliance.

The Pico-C features a rugged and beautiful black powder-coated exterior with a compact design that allows it to fit comfortably on any kitchen or bar countertop. 1500 watts of powerful steam heat brews evenly at a specific temperature and with much more precise control than boiling on a stovetop, preserving your beer's flavors. The Pico Model C has wi-fi connectivity, allowing you to monitor your brew remotely via the internet. The system features detachable brew kegs, allowing you to use additional kegs to brew multiple batches in the same day. Reconnecting the hoses and starting another batch is quick and easy. Since the kegs are dishwasher-safe, clean up is a breeze compared to traditional homebrewing equipment.

Pico in kitchen

The PicoBrew Pico-C Brewing Appliance works with an endless selection of PicoPaks from breweries around the world that you can brew at home, any time you want. Enjoy the search for your next brew session by browsing the huge variety of beers from brands you love, including such leading brewers like: 21st Amendment, Rogue Ales, and Abita. If you're feeling adventurous, try a brewery from across the country, or even from a whole different continent. The possibilities are endless with BrewMarketplace. No beer is more fresh than the one you just brewed at home. Pico is expertly engineered to help you create consistent craft beer in your kitchen using fresh ingredients and quality recipes.

Prefer more hops and less alcohol? The FreeStyle PicoPak allows you to create a completely unique and custom beer. You can fine-tune each beer's alcohol percentage or bitterness to your liking. PicoBrew's customization software employs an innovative graphical user interface to allow the modification of grains, hops and yeast in a recipe. Your PicoPak will be made in PicoBrew's one-of-a-kind facility, then immediately shipped to you. The system has no minimum order, so experimenting with different recipes to find the perfect one has never been easier or faster.

As a Pico owner, you'll join a rapidly growing community of hundreds of PicoBrewers already sharing recipes, ratings, and tips and producing some of the best craft beer batches being brewed worldwide today!

Pico Brewing Machine


  • Pico brewing machine
  • User manual
  • One (1) Black and Stainless Steel Brewing Keg
  • One (1) Lightweight Aluminum Serving Keg
  • Keg Cozy for maintaining brewing temperature
  • Racking tube for transferring wort from brewing keg to dispensing keg
  • Cleaning tablets for deep cleaning

What is the difference between the Pico Model C and the Pico Pro?

The Pico Model C is ideal for new home brewers and is more affordable! The Pico Model C features a black, powder-coated exterior, a sleek 2-line OLED display, natural carbonation, a serving keg and a simpler-to-use Pico Model C Brew Keg that fits in the dishwasher. The Pico Pro is for the more seasoned homebrewer. It features a stainless steel exterior and bigger OLED display. The Pico Pro comes with 2 ball-lock brew kegs, preferred by professional brewers. This stainless-steel keg features rubber grips and industry-standard ball-lock connectors that work directly with accessories like party taps and kegerators.

Please Note: PicoPak is not included and is sold seperately.


  • Designed for craft beer enthusiasts and beginner home brewers
  • Brews 5 liters (5.2 qt.) of beer at a time
  • Fine-tune any PicoPak to your liking, or create a custom PicoPak with your own recipe of selected hops, yeast and grains
  • Fast fermentation only
  • Adjust ABV (alcohol) and Bitterness for any brew
  • Compact unit requires no assembly and sits on kitchen counter
  • Keg conditioning only
  • Built-in steam cleaning simplifies sanitization and dishwasher-safe components make cleanup simple
  • PicoPaks are biodegradable and compostable after use


  • 12"W x 14"D x 16"H
  • 5-liter cap. (5.2 qt.)
  • Weight: 23 lbs
  • 1500W
  • Made in USA and Mexico
  • This product is intended for use in the United States and Canada and is built to United States electrical standards

How it works


Introducing the PicoPak

It just makes sense that the freshest ingredients make the best and freshest craft beers. PicoPack is pre-measured with the finest grains and hops. The Pico Model C recognizes each specific PicoPak and its associated recipe based on its RFID tag. PicoPaks take the guesswork out of brewing and ensure delicious results, every time. And when you're done brewing, you can simply place your spent PicoPak in your compost bin.


Starting off right: it really is the water!

Great beer really does start with the perfect water, so when Pico-brewing it is recommend to start with distilled water. Each PicoPak contains unique water amendments - various minerals that build up the water you brew with to exactly match the water profiles used by the breweries that created your PicoPaks.

precision mashing

Precision mashing: extracting sugars and flavor from grains

PicoPaks contain fresh grains that have been malted, roasted and cracked so they are primed to release the special sugars that waters at precise temperatures can unlock. This first stage of brewing is called mashing, and the exact times and temperatures that grains are soaked determines the content of the beer "wort" produced. Control and precision are the keys here to producing the fluids that when boiled, then cooled and fermented become your beer.

boil hop

Boil with multiple hop additions

Brewers for centuries have boiled their beer wort with hops to impart bitterness, flavors and aromas that can make great beer the nuanced sensory experience that leaves you thirsting for more. Adding hops into the boil at different stages lends different characteristics to the resulting beer, from bitterness derived from alpha acids to more flavors and aromas derived from the hop oils. The PicoBrewing process with up to 4 unique hop additions accommodates a very broad range of beer recipe styles.


Fermentation: converting sugars into alcohol

After the beer wort has been fully infused with delicious hop flavors and aromas the solution is cooled, and then the magic begins. Yeast is "pitched" into the beer wort and begins to go to work on the sugars, converting them into alcohol and CO2 . Different yeasts also impart their own unique flavors to the beer. Fermentation typically takes 4-7 days, depending on the beer and the yeast.

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Pico C - Craft Beer Brewing Appliance Reviews

Average Customer Rating:
(based on 21 reviews) 
If you want to brew at home get this !
by:jprtech (11-22-2017)
Chicago, IL
Comments:I've had the Pico Model C for about 2 months now and have brewed 3 times on it. All three beers came out very well balanced and with no off flavors at all.
Use: As a homebrewer of almost 10 years this makes for a great winter brewing setup for me. My main setup is a half bbl rig and produces copious amounts of beer for me but the Pico makes it easy for me to do some experimenting with side by side yeast strains. I'll buy two of the same pico paks brew them both pitch different yeasts and compare the results (My most recent experiment was with the Stoup’s Robust Porter using included yeast and Mangrove Jack MI5 Empire Ale) Side note I did make some adapters to be able to use this unit with my ball lock and pin lock kegs
Alternate Use: Sous Vide - This thing is great for sous vide and because of that it avoids the title of unitasker, I have made Sirloin Filets and Pork loin with this and can tell you it’s some of the best tasting meat I have ever consumed.
Cost: The initial cost of the system is in line with most starter systems that includes pots and burners, obviously the capacity difference is a concern for some but as a secondary system it sure makes for an easy quick brew day to add variety to the kegerator. I won’t dance around it the PicoPaks are expensive and lack some programmability in the Freestyle sense, but this is my secondary/experimental system so it’s not my main supply of homebrew. If PicoBrew were to release the software and allow end user customization as well as the ability to buy an empty PicoShell (see what I did there) to use your own grains then these units would be a grand slam instead of just a home run. (Hint Hint PicoBrew)
Conclusion: If you want to learn the craft and HOW to homebrew this machine is not for you, but if you want to brew beer at home and maybe experiment some this IS absolutely the machine for you.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Kickstarter Backer
by:UTLONGHORN (11-22-2017)
San Antonio, Texas
Comments:I received the Pico C at the start of October and have already brewed 3 beers and cooked with the Sous Vide functionality. First and foremost, this unit is easy to use. Brewing is simple and does not take a lot of your hands-on time. The biggest misconception I have seen with others about my machine is the fact that the beer still takes time to ferment and carbonate. The 2 or so hours to brew is just the first component. Expect another week or two before the beer is ready for you to share with friends. Depending on the beer you can have a timetable going where one beer is fermenting in the brew keg while the previous beer is finishing carbonation and being served. Make sure you have replacement serving keg plugs, however as these are one-time use.

Cleaning between brews, whether it is the quick or deep clean, is simple and straightforward. The machine walks you through almost all steps on the display for whatever operation you are performing. While this is nice I still find myself looking at the manual, which is only available online, for some of the charts and timing information.

Cooking with the Sous vide functionality is an added benefit. While other products utilize something attached to the size of a container to Sous Vide there are multiple discussions about having to add balls to the water or lids with custom holes to reduce the evaporation. The Pico C takes care of this by utilizing the step filter container to perform the cook. The only possible issue with this is that the size of the step filter cannot increase for larger cooks. I was able to cook 4 125ml jars with eggs in them without issue but adding more might pose issues.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Simple, space saving solution for home
by:SeattleSUP (11-22-2017)
Seattle, WA
Comments:I'd previously done a few attempts at home brewing using a traditional stove top kit my wife got me. I loved the taste of the beer but the whole process was also pretty tedious, somewhat error prone, required constant attention and lots of clean up. It also required large pots and strainers which took up a lot of space. In many ways it's like making bread from scratch.

The Pico C is like using a bread making machine - the end product is still fresh and fantastic but the whole process is quicker, simpler and a lot less messy. Brewing is ridiculously easy - put the grain packs in the clear plastic hopper, hook the hoses up to the brew keg and then add water. After that you follow the instructions on the screen. The manual is also clearly written and the videos online are also super helpful. The manual says your first brew will require 10 minutes of hands on time. I actually timed myself and on the first go it was more like 15 but I was being cautious. On the next 2 batches I was also exactly at 10 minutes. The machine itself is also so well designed that you almost can't get it wrong. The two hoses use different sized connectors so you really can't hook them up incorrectly. The grain packs will also only fit in one way. They did a great job of making this pretty idiot proof! The brewing process takes a couple of hours but once it starts you can basically walk away from it. No more standing over the stove making sure your mash stays in a relatively narrow temperature range and stirring every few minutes!! The odor wasn't nearly as bad as doing it the old fashioned way but was still strong enough that after my first batch the wife exiled the machine to our downstairs laundry room. Personally, I like the brewing smell but to each their own. It is a good looking device and would look great on a counter. In terms of size it's smaller than a compact microwave but bigger than a stand mixer. Once the brewing is done you simply toss the used grain packs into the compost bin and clean the unit which takes another 10 minutes.

The fermentation keg includes a thermometer sticker to help you estimate fermentation time and Pico is working on an electronic fermentation sensor to replace the brew keg cap which will allow even greater accuracy. Fermentation time can range from 4-14 days depending on the ABV of the beer and the temperature. The thermometer sticker is handy for finding a place in your home that will facilitate a faster brewing time. Really not much Pico can do to make this go faster short of altering the laws of physics and chemistry.

Once fermentation is complete your back to the Pico C for racking. It's at this step that you'll be using sanitizer and Pico include a generous sized bottle and even a nicely marked bucket for mixing and soaking. Again, letting the machine handle the racking is a lot easier the siphoning the beer. The manual says this step should take 15 minutes but it's taken me more like 20-30 but that might be because I'm pretty paranoid about sanitizing thoroughly.

After you rack the beer into the serving keg you'll need to carbonate it. There are two options here: natural or forced. With the stock Pico C you'll need to do natural carbonation which involves dumping a sugar packet and then letting it sit for double the fermentation time. That's another 8-28 days. Forced carbonation requires the optional CO2 regulator and cartridges. This accessory costs extra but it also reduces carbonation time to just 36 hours. Time is money so I opted to go this route as cuts brew to drink time by 2/3.

The whole process is ridiculously easy and mess free. If you do have questions (and I did) the customer support is fantastic and have always responded in less than 24 hours. Some critics might claim this isn't really true home brewing and I can see where they're coming from much in the way that using a bread making machine isn't true baking or using pre-sawed lumber isn't real wood working. I get it and it really comes down to how much you value the process versus the end product.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Homebrewing Simplified
by:OKCjw (11-22-2017)
Oklahoma City, OK
Comments:YUM! This has to be a game changer in the reach of home brewing. I have always toyed with home brewing but it generally takes more time than I have to give. With the Pico C Brewer I can start the brew process and walk away. The machine walks you through each step of the process like its your first time every time so If you forget something don't worry it has you covered. This has been compared to a Keurig for beer and while it does greatly simplify the process you won't be drinking a cold beer 45 seconds after you hit start so be realistic in your expectations. Just know the results will be delicious.

Note: Wifi is required. The Pico C connects with Pico Brew to load the brewing specs for the specific picopak you are using. It also provides all of the analytics for the brew process that you can watch in almost real-time from your account on their website.

My experience should be a good gauge of what to expect.

Tip 1-If you don't have reverse osmosis water go buy 5-10 gallons of distilled water for rinsing and brewing before your brewer arrives.

If you are like me when this arrives you are like a kid on Christmas morning ripping into the boxes to see what magical treasures await. Do your self a favor and take it slow and gentle. You will want to keep the box with the brewer in it. I'm told this box is required for warranty purposes. Plan to spend the next 30-45 minutes cleaning.

Brewing: (after the initial cleaning mentioned above) Brewing is so simple. Turn on the Pico C, select brew and follow the instructions. When everything is set and the brew is set in motion the machine will make a lot of noises. Its pumping, pushing, and heating liquid to steam so don't do this if you just put the baby down for a nap. After 2-3 hours the beer is brewed but its time to let the science begin.

After Brew Cleaning: At this point you have disconnected the brew keg so it can cool to room temperature. Its time to clean everything else. Rinse the system. As a guy who hates cleaning this really is a pretty simple process. The Pico C will walk you through most of it.

The next day after the wort has cooled to room temp you add the yeast to the brew keg. This begins the fermentation process that will take a week or more depending on the beer and temperature. The manual gives you time frames based on temperature ranges. I've ordered a PicoFerm that will aide in this process. Once fermentation is complete you "Crash the Yeast" by cooling the brew keg in your refrigerator. This takes a day or so. Then depending on what type of beer you are brewing you may add dry hop packs that come with the picopak. Otherwise its time to move the beer from the brew keg to the serving keg or bottles if you are bottling. You hook the brew keg back up to the Pic C and "rack" the beer. From here you add sugar from the provided packet to carbonate the beer. Carbonation takes close to double the time it took to ferment the beer so don't get in a rush. After about 3 weeks you are ready to cool and then consumer a tasty beverage.

I thought for sure when I opened up that first keg it would be bad because I had to have messed something up on my first try. Nope. Somehow this marvel of modern technology took my ineptitude out of the equation. It was delicious. So fresh. I really felt like I was drinking at the brewery. I will be ordering more brew kegs so I can have more beers going at the same time.

Tip 2: This is a no brainer but if you are using the serving keg the beer is best when first opened. Unless you are force carbonating, it will degrade in quality fairly quickly as the days pass.

If you are looking into a way to start homebrewing but don't have the time to really mess with the science/process this is the perfect option for you. I love it and will be an avid Pico C Brewer for the foreseeable future!
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Excellent Product!
by:WIlly4003 (11-22-2017)
Duluth, MN
Comments:I have always had an interest in brewing my own beer, but had no experience or time to do so. I began seeing information on the Pico Model C and immediately took an interest. I purchased mine in October, and the day I received it I began brewing. The unit is compact and sleek in design. Within minutes, mine was setup, connected to my home wifi network, cleaned and brewing my first batch. The online PDF instruction manual was very easy to follow, especially in conjunction with the on-screen prompts you receive from the unit itself. If you are a bit impatient, you can purchase the CO2 regulator and CO2 cartridges, but I elected to stay the course in the traditional process. My first batch was the Stubble Kolsch, as I wanted to try something more conservative and forgiving of any mistakes I could potentially have made. After 2.5 hours in the brewing process, 1 day of cooling to room temperature, 4 days of fermentation, 2 days of cold-crashing the yeast, 7 days of carbonation and 2 more days to chill I was rewarded with an excellent home-brewed Kolsch. Light, crisp with floral aromas, just as the description stated. I have since brewed a Free Style Pak of my own creation of an Amber Ale, a DoppelBock and an Irish Stout. All are at various stages of the brewing process, and I cannot wait to taste them! Cleaning of the components has been simple, as several of them are dishwasher-safe. You will need to eventually purchase the cleaning tablets, fragrance free dish detergent, some hydrogen peroxide and lots of distilled water. I also picked up some $15 keg belts to keep the kegs at a constant temperature, optimal for fast fermentation and carbonation. A much more cost-effective alternative than keeping my 48 sq ft, basement, brew pub at a toasty 75F, utilizing my electric heating source. Finally, I also picked up a 2nd brew keg and 3 additional serving kegs in order to allow me to keep my stock rotating, as well as the new Pico Ferm device which allows you to monitor the fermentation process. What a rewarding and non-cost-prohibitive hobby! Each Pico Pak costs $20-$30 and yields the equivalent of approximately 13 12oz portions of the freshest beer you can get your hands on, and you made it!
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
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