5 Gallon Ball Lock Keg - Strap Handle - NSF Approved

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These 5 Gallon Stainless Steel Ball Lock Kegs (aka Pepsi Kegs or Cornelius Kegs) have a permanently molded rubber bottom skirt and a durable stainless steel strap handle. The ball-lock fittings are easy to access making cleaning very easy. These ball lock kegs meet NSDA voluntary standards and are NSF approved (National Sanitation Foundation). They are an excellent choice for storing and serving kombucha, soda or wine in addition to home brewed beer. The stainless steel lid fastens tightly to the body and has a pull ring style pressure release valve to easily depressurize the keg. Working pressure must not exceed 130 P.S.I.G.

The tank is created by assembling the upper part (handle top), the lower part (rubber bottom), and the shell (calendared ferrule). The different metallic parts are assembled using round and longitudinal welding. All of the welds on the tank are automatically made following the TIG system in an inert atmosphere without any deposit of material. On top of the tank there is an oval opening (the mouth) that allows the tank to be closed using the lid. On the bottom of the tank there is a sump to enhance the draining off. Printed on the stainless steel exterior surface of the body there is information about the tank capacity, its identification numbers, and the manufacturer. The lid is made of stainless steel, features a pull ring relief valve, and is finished with a convenient handle.

The tank model "NC" is made of AISI type 304 stainless steel (1.4301) with No. 2B mill finish steel sheet, which fufills ASTM A240 specifications. All interior surfaces are smooth to prevent any possible dirt or contaminants from remaining inside after the keg has been washed and sterilized. Stainless steel does not react to magnetic attraction and its color does not change due to cleaning or sterilization. The body has a thickness of 0.70 mm.

The upper part of the tank is equipped with one liquid plug and one gas plug to allow for a quick disconnect from the draft dispense system. The gas plug has an incision on the hexagon and the liquid plug does not have an incision on the hexagon. They are both clearly marked by a stencil.

On the top part of the tank there are two welded stems through which the gas tube and the liquid tube are inserted into the tank and on top of which the plugs are fixed.

The bottom of the tank is covered with black hot vulcanized natural rubber bonded onto the steel. One stainless steel handle on the top provides easy handling. Four openings in the bottom skirt enhance the drain of water when the keg is upside down. The maximum outside diameter on the rubber part is larger than the outside diameter of the body, allowing the keg to be rolled and minimizing damage by impact.

  • Ball Lock fittings
  • NSF Approved / Made in ItalyPerfect for storing beer, soda, wine or kombucha
  • 304 Grade Stainless Steel
  • Single strap handle.
  • Approved by (NSF) National Sanitation Foundation
  • Meets NSDA voluntary standards
  • Made in Italy
  • Capacity: 5 US Gal
  • Weight: 3,25 kg 1/2 0.20
  • Capacity till gas dip tube: 18,9 l 1/2 0.20
  • 8.5"W x 25"H / 219 1/2 2 mm W x 633 1/2 2 mm H
  • Plugs center line:172 1/2 1 mm

UPC: 608729692461
Dimensions and Capacity
Weight7.5 lbs.
Capacity5 U.S. Gallons
Material304 Grade Stainless Steel
HandleMetal Strap
SystemBall Lock

5 Gallon Ball Lock Keg - Strap Handle - NSF Approved Reviews

Average Customer Rating:
(based on 7 reviews) 
Terrific, the best I've seen & used
by:Mark (04-25-2016)
San Diego, CA
Comments:These kegs are terrific. I've used plenty of others, and the quality of these kegs is top-notch.

Some people prefer kegs with the rubber ring/handle around the top, especially for transport. For me, in a home brew environment, this style is better because it's so easy to clean and secure gas & liquid connections.

I have no recommended improvements, other than a wish to have them forever filled with fresh beer!
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Bar far the best available
by:Bryan (01-25-2016)
Auburn, CA
Comments:I've purchased 3 different brands of this type of keg and this is by far the best. In general, there are "NSF approved" kegs which are usually of higher quality than non-approved. But even within the NSF-approved category, these kegs are significantly nicer than anything else I've found. Well worth the few extra bucks.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Kegco-AEB Stainless Steel Ball Lock Kegs
by:jeb2 (12-19-2015)
Northeast PA
Comments:These Italian-made AEB kegs will be used in our cellar for aging, carbonating, and dispensing wine, cider, and beer. AEB kegs have smooth, pit-free welds and excellent workmanship that you won't see on some other imported kegs. The NSF approval is important to me as it indicates the AEB kegs are designed for safe usage, the materials used in its construction are safe for food contact, and the kegs can be safely cleaned and sterilized. The only downside is AEB kegs command a higher price in the market. I waited for the AEB kegs to go on sale when the price plus shipping made them very attractive compared to the "premium" used kegs available locally. After I showed my wife the specs and reviews of the new AEB kegs vs other new imported kegs vs used kegs from the US soft drink industry, she told me to get the new AEB kegs. These kegs will last a lifetime, and cost only a few dollars per year of use more than a 20+ year old keg with an unknown past. Consider everything you spent on regulators, cylinders, tubing, fittings, and faucets, and the extra cost of a new AEB keg is insignificant. I purchased 8 AEB kegs in this order, and plan to add 8 more within the next 12 months.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
by:Mark (08-06-2015)
Champaign, Illinois
Comments:These kegs are terrific! They are AEB corny kegs made in Italy and are more expensive than the Amcyl kegs made in India, but work much better! The posts and poppets work flawlessly. I started kegging with Amcyl India kegs that constantly caused problems due to temperamental poppets. I am selling my Amcyl kegs to buy more of these Kegco (AEB Italy) kegs. This is one case where quality matters.

Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Very nice keg!!
by:BrewerBry (12-22-2014)
Auburn, CA
Comments:This is a beautiful product, inside and out. Welds are all perfect and the finish is outstanding. It seems so much nicer (to me) than the "Pepsi" kegs with the plastic around the top, though I imagine that they are functionally the same. Will be buying a few of these...
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
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