HDCP-D1-48B - Single Faucet Jockey Box - 48 Qt. Cold Plate Cooler - Blue


This single-faucet cold plate jockey box is offered in a blue or red 48-quart cooler with Ultratherm insulation for superior cold retention. The cooler lid holds open at 95° for easy access and is fitted with a snap-lock child-safety latch. A recessed drain plug allows for drainage of excess water inside the cooler. The jockey box includes a chrome-plated brass faucet with a brass lever, a faucet knob, shank, a 10" x 15" cold plate, a cold plate rack and an ice box coupler assembly. The cooler measures 29-1/2"L x 15-1/4"W x 14-3/4"H.

Cold plate jockey boxes are only recommended for use when the internal keg temperature can be kept colder than 55°F so that the beer can be continuously dispensed from the faucet at 36°F-38°F. In addition, the melted ice water in the cooler should continuously be drained and the ice pushed down to keep it in contact with the plate. The cold plate should never sit in water.


To complete your Jockey Box set up, you will need to add a single product direct draw kit and a jumper line assembly.

  1. Direct Draw Kit ?Learn More
    This kit includes everything you need to set up a CO2 gas system for your direct draw system that is capable of dispensing two seperate kegs.
  2. Jumper Line Assembly ?Learn More
    The jumper line connects the keg to the back of the jockey box.
  3. Gauge Cage ?Learn More
    Since the jockey box is often used outdoors, the regulator has a higher chance of getting damaged

HDCP-D1-48B - Single Faucet Jockey Box - 48 Qt. Cold Plate Cooler - Blue Reviews

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