Kegco Economy Two Keg Door Mount Kegerator Conversion Kit

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The Kegco Economy Double Keg Kegerator Conversion Kit comes with everything you will need to successfully convert your refrigerator or chest freezer into a two product draft beer cooler. This kegerator kit is designed to run two completely seperate kegs. Depending upon your refrigerator capacity, you can run 2 full size kegs, 2 pony kegs, 2 6 gallon kegs or any combination you choose. All the draft beer parts are of the highest commercial grade quality which are designed and built to last.

Our kegerator conversion kits come complete with detailed instructions and are supported by our friendly and experienced product specialsts. You can count on them for personalized attention both before and after your purchase.

  • (Optional) Co2 Tank. We offer the Co2 Tank as an optional kit component because many people already have one or would like a large tank size. All of our brand new tanks are made from high strength aluminum alloy which is not as heavy as a steel tank and will not rust. If you do not already have a tank, we highly recommend you take advantage of our incredible low price on brand new Co2 tanks.
  • Includes Commercial Dual Gauge Regulator with 2 Product Output
    This commercial double gauge regulator is a very high quality regulator at a incredible price. This commercial regulator works with any Co2 Tank with a CGA-320 valve. This Double Gauge regulator measures PSI, as well as the volume of the Co2 gas in the Cylinder. The second gauge indicates how much Co2 is left in the cylinder and when it should be refilled. The large turn handle in the center is used to easily adjust the output pressure. This regulator features a Y splitter and two shut off valves on the house out barbs.
  • Includes Two Seperate Assemblies of 5/16 Inch I.D. Draft Beer Line Assembly with 2 Snap Clamps
    The standard length is 5 feet of 5/16" I.D. Blue Air/Co2 Tubing made of Themoplastic Vinyl Hose (Super Vinyl). These tubing assemblies will not rot, swell or dry out and is unaffected by normal cleaning compounds. This air line assembly comes with two Plastic Snap Clamps with a reusable clamp design.
  • Includes Two US Sankey Wing Handle D System Keg Couplers
    These high quality wing handle keg couplers (keg tap) are compatible with all domestic brand kegs. These couplers works with all domestic "D" system sankey kegs. These couplers features a 55-psi pressure relief valve and a nickel-plated forged brass body. To tap a keg all you have to do is push down and turn to properly couple the keg.
  • Includes 2 Seperate 5 Foot Long Beer Line Assemblies
    These beer line assemblies come standard with 5' of 3/16" Clear Beer Tubing made of Themoplastic Vinyl Hose (Super Vinyl), one Plastic Snap Clamp (reusable clamp design) and a Coupling Assembly of 1 Stepless Clamp, 1 3/16" Hose Nipple/Tail Piece and Hex Coupling Nut (connects to keg coupler).
  • Includes 2 Seperate 4-1/8" Long Shanks with Nipple Assembly.
    These shanks are 4-1/8" long measured from the end of the threading to the end where the faucet attaches. These shanks come with a black plastic flange on the front and a compression ring on the back. Forged brass lock nut. 3/16" ID beer line connection.
  • Includes 2 Chrome Beer Faucets with Brass Lever
    These premium quality faucets feature a forged brass body with a highly polished chrome finish. These faucets have a brass shaft assembly and lever with a nylon ball washer that ensures smooth operation. The brass lever has standard threading that is compatible with most branded tap handles.
  • Two Comes with black ABS plastic Faucet Knobs.
  • 1 Fiber Washer that is placed between regulator and Co2 Tank. This washer is optional. You can pick up additional washers when you get you tank filled.
  • Two Neoprene Washers that are placed between the keg couplers and the beer line assemblies. The purpose of these washers are to stop any beer from leaking out the top of the keg couplers.
  • Standard Specialty Faucet Wrench
    This specialty faucet is used to connect the shank to the faucet. To properly tighten the faucet to the shank without leakage, requires this wrench that hooks into the holes on tightening colar. This faucet wrench is needed to remove faucet for cleaning or if you are switching to a stout faucet.
  • Detailed Instruction/Installation Manual.
  • All additional technical questions can be handled by one of our friendly technical support staff by calling toll free 1-800-710-9939.

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Kegco Economy Two Keg Door Mount Kegerator Conversion Kit Reviews

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First Kegerator
by:Royce (08-01-2014)
Comments:This was my first kegerator set. I have rented them in the past and they were difficult to get working and would make a mess. Plus there was a trash can and lots of ice or added cost involved, not to mension only one flavor and not all like the same beer. This kit was so simple to set up because everything was there and the instructions were exclent. There was no mess because of the quality and workmanship that was put into this product! Last but not least I have two flavors of beer to chose from!
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
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