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Beer never had it so good. The BeverageFactory is proud to now offer the first generation CO2 powered tap for 1/4 barrel and 1/2 barrel kegs. This unique new Co2 PicnicTap revolutionizes the way beer and soda are dispensed combining portability, efficiency, and preservation of the beverage without hand pumping or cumbersome gas equipment.

The European S System Co2 PicnicTap is a new and unique way to dispense beer or soda using Co2 as the propellant. Now, consumers can enjoy complete mobility and ease of use. A simple, single adjustment regulator and cylinder holder all in one. A system that uses an economically mass produced Co2 cylinder, enough gas in one cylinder to dispense a full 1/4 barrel sized container. It takes just two cylinders to draft a 1/2 barrel.

C02 PicnicTap

No tools or special skills are required to operate this consumer friendly tap. Preservation of the beverage flavor, overall quality, and the increased beverage are features of this new high quality system. The Co2 TapGas cylinders contain only natural 99.97% pure Carbon Dioxide. Breweries worldwide prefer Co2 to dispense their products, now you can too.

Beverages in kegs are pure, essentially without any preservatives. Since air contains bacteria and other contaminates, injecting it into beverages is damaging. Taste and freshness suffer considerably, especially when the keg is from the night before. Bars and restaurants use pure Co2 exclusively to dispense all their beverages.

This new CO2 PicnicTap is with a precise pressure regulating valve unit conveniently mounted on a rod and faucet style tap. Disposable cylinders of 99.97% pure CO2 are easily installed in the regulator which supplies the needed pressure in the keg to push out the beverage.

Each CO2 cylinder will push about 7 1/2 gallons, which is roughly a 1/4 keg of beer. So it will take two cylinders to fully preserve and dispense a full 1/2 keg.

  • No Pumping Air
  • Automatic Regulator
  • Includes Double TapGas Cylinder Pack (capable of dispensing 1/2 barrel).
  • Easy Operation
  • No Tools Required
  • Indoors or Outdoors
  • Beverage Stays Fresh
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Brewery inspired triple filtered CO2 to preserve the natural flavors and peak freshness.
  • Euro Sankey keg systems.
  • Cylinders are packaged in two different sized boxes. a single for 1/4 kegs and a convenient 2 pak for 1/2 kegs. The new 1/6 kegs can use a single cylinder.

We want your beverage experience to be the best possible using this Co2 PicnicTap equipment. The quality of the beverage depends greatly on you being able to stabilize it and keep it cold. 36-38 degrees Fahrenheit to be exact. You cannot taste the difference between 38 and 43 degrees, but it makes a big difference to the beverage as to how well it stays fresh and carbonated.

Use a thermometer in a glass of poured beverage. Remember, the keg has a tube in it so the beverage draws up from the bottom. Ice is required at the bottom of the keg. The outside temperature and size of keg will dictate how many pounds of ice you need.

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Co2 PicnicTap -European Import Keg S System Model Reviews

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Works great.
by:Ty (05-05-2016)
Los angeles
Comments:Works very well and for a small simple product I was very impressed.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
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