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FOB - Foam Detector

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A foam detector helps eliminate beer loss, thus increasing profits by preventing loss of beer by shutting seal when there is an interruption of beer flow.

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A normal beer flow supports the float at the top of the chamber. Interruption of beer flow allows the float to drop making a mechanical seal on the outlet port. This elminates loss of beer by cutting off the flow into the beer line by cutting off the flow into the beer line when the keg is empties. This eliminates loss of beer when a new keg is tapped by only allowing solid beer into the line.
  • Eliminate beer loss
  • Increase profits
  • Suitable for CO2 and mixed gas pressurized dispense system
  • No control box required
  • Product line is closed mechanically on the introduction of gas
  • All materials manufactured from high impact, good grade plastics

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