Commercial Grade Two-Product Dual Gauge Nitrogen Keg Beer Kegerator Regulator

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Kegco's LH-872-2N Commercial Two-Product Dual Gauge Regulator is compatible with any nitrogen cylinder with a CGA 580 valve, making it ideal for use with kegerators and other draft systems dispensing stout beer, coffee, or wine. It boasts a convenient dual gauge design that measures both PSI and the volume of nitrogen gas in your tank, making it easy to know when you need a refill. This two product regulator has a Y splitter with two independent shut off valves that allows you to dispense a single keg or two different kegs at the same pressure, so you can enjoy a variety of your favorite beverages on tap. The durable regulator body is constructed of forged brass with all brass connections and components, a sintered brass inlet filter, and a self resetting safety release valve.

Both regulator gauges feature an easy-to-read design and come with rubber gauge protectors to help prevent damage. The top gauge has a 0-60 psi display that tells you how much nitrogen pressure is inside of the kegs while the side gauge has a 0-2000 display that tells you how much nitrogen gas is left inside of the tank, so you'll never have to run out of gas in the middle of a party again! A large pressure adjustment knob with a lock ring allows the gas flow to be easily changed by hand, so you'll never need to go looking for a screwdriver. For added safety, this Kegco regulator also features a tamper proof safety pressure relief valve that releases at 45 psi and two independent shut-off valves that let you instantly shut off pressure to the kegs without backing up your gas lines.

  • CGA 580 valve
  • 0-60 PSI Output Pressure Gauge
  • 0-2000 PSI Tank Pressure Gauge
  • CO2 Splitter with two shut-off valves
  • 3/8" O.D. Outlet Barbs for use with 5/16" I.D. Tubing
  • Manual Pressure Relief Valve
  • Safety Relief Valve at 45 PSI
  • Hand-adjustable adjustment knob with lock ring

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