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Mr. Beer Premium Home Microbrewery Kit

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The Premium Edition home microbrewery system is the most comprehensive offered. It includes everything needed to both brew and bottle two gallons of world-class beer.

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Photo of Mr. Beer Premium Edition Beer KitAmerica's Most Popular Home Brewing System!

A step up from the Deluxe kit, the Premium Edition kit includes everything needed to both brew and bottle a 2 gallon batch of beer, which makes it the perfect place to start a lifelong passion for brewing outstanding beer at home. All Mr.Beer® products are designed with quality, value and ease of use as our top priorities. With hundreds of refill recipes available to choose from, you can use this equipment to make batch after batch of fantastic homebrew, no matter what styles suit your taste.

The included brewing ingredients are carefully selected from among our most popular standard refills. These are the most basic, easy to use, and economical recipes on the market today. Each refill contains all the ingredients required to make one 2 gallon batch of beer.

This kit includes everything needed to start brewing beer today!


  • 2 Gallon Fermenter
    Each fermenter is completely reusable and will make 2 gallons of award-winning beer with every batch. It's lightweight, shatter resistant and made from FDA compliant plastic, which imparts no taste or flavor migration. The wide mouth allows for easy cleaning.
  • Brewing Ingredients
    Includes 1 Classic American Light Refill produces an alcohol content of approximately 3.7%. Each refill includes:
    • 1 hopped malt extract (HME)
    • dry brewing yeast
    • No-Rinse cleanser
  • Reusable Plastic Bottles
    Each kit includes 8 reusable plastic 1-Liter Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) bottles, complete with screw caps and labels. These bottles are designed to hold carbonated beverages and are FDA approved for food & beverage.
  • Brewing with Mr.Beer® -- Brewing DVD Guide
    This informative DVD is a great resource for both questions about the Mr.Beer® Home Brewing System and home brewing in general. The DVD also contains answers to your practical brewing questions.

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Mr. Beer Home Brew KitBrews Twenty 12-oz. Beers Each Week.
So, be sure to have plenty of Mr. Beer® mixes on hand so you can start your next batch immediately. Your first batch can be ready to bottle and carbonate in as little as 7 days.

Alcohol Content
The basic beer mix will provide a beer with an alcohol content equal to a standard commercial beer, but you don't have to stop there. The alcohol content of the beer is determined by the total amount of malt extract, sugars and fruit added to the beer mix.

No Industrial CO2 Cartridges Needed to Provide Pressure.
The beer naturally carbonates in the bottle and has a good beer head and sparkle.

Save Up to 75% Cost Savings Compared to Commercially Brewed Microbrewed Beers.

Bottles, Caps and Keg are Completely Re-useable.

Brew Keg is Made of an Advanced Rez-Tech Poly Vinyl Chloride.
It is FDA compliant for food and beverage, imparts no taste or flavor migration, is lightweight, shatter resistant and virtually indestructible. The wide mouth opening allows for easy hand cleaning.

Mr. Beer® is designed for the beginning and advanced homebrewers.

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