Haier Single Faucet Kegerator Beer Dispensers

Hair Full Size 1/2 Barrel keg dispensers accommodate regular full size kegs as well as pony kegs. In addition to offering a high quality free standing full size keg cooler, Haier also offers a series of built-in kegerators which are the only keg dispenser on the market with the ability to turn into a complete refrigerator with two shelves.

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Like all of Haier's appliances, Haier Kegerators are extremely quiet, convenient and conducive to home use and enjoyment. Haier specializes in all forms of refrigeration and in addition to keg beer refrigeration, the company is a leader in wine refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, and much more! Committed to products that are reliable, stylish, and innovative Haier is unmatched in product offerings and product quality.