Colonna Bench Capper

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The Colonna Bench Capper is a great choice for beer bottling projects of all shapes and sizes. This capper is gear driven, making capping as quick and easy as a single pull of the lever. It has an adjustable metal platform, allowing it to cap bottles of all different heights.

Colonna Bench Capper Reviews

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So much better
by:jackbenimble333 (05-09-2015)
Sheridan, WY
Comments:I have bottled one 5 gallon batch with this capper and it is a huge improvement over my old blue bat-wing capper. It is faster and easier to operate and because it pushes from the top and the bottom of the bottle rather than gripping it around the neck, it seems less likely to snap the neck off a bottle (I did that twice over about 12 batches with my old capper.) The only thing I don't like is that the bell continues to grip the cap after it has been pressed on and you need to wrestle with it a bit to get the capped bottle released. But it is not too bad a problem and still the whole process is faster and easier. The product is about 95% plastic. Unlike my old capper which seemed like it might break everytime I torqued down on a cap, the Colonna feels like it will last forever.

Please note that there are two different Colonna Bench Cappers on the market that look almost the same. This model only has a bell that fits standard American beer caps. There is a more expensive model that has interchangeable bells for European bottle caps and will also press wine corks. This model meets my needs but be aware that there are different models.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
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