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Engel MT35F-U1 34 Qt Portable Refrigerator-Freezer

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Engel MT35F-U1

The Engel MT35 is a medium sized powerful freezer capable of freezing almost anything. It is ideal for long or short term freezing. As a refrigerator it can hold a steady interior temperature. They are great for people on the move - as this unit can be taken anywhere! - all you need is either a 12 Volt power source, like a car battery, or household 110 Volt supply. If you work out of your vehicle - this is a perfect appliance. Operates off 12/24V DC or 110V AC. It automatically switches power from 12/24 volts DC to 110 volts AC. It easily works off solar power and only draws a maximum of 2.5 Amps.

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The Engel MT-35F-U1 34 Quart is a combination of performance, durability, lower power consumption and consistent reliability, hallmark of the premier brand of mobile refrigeration.

The MT35F-U1 is one of Engel's most popular models and offers a large 34-quart capacity capable of holding up to 54 beverage cans. Equipped with Engel's unique patented Swing Motor compressor, this mid-sized portable refrigerator-freezer is ideal for camping, boating excursions, medical transport and even storing biological test samples in the field. The compressor is compact and lightweight yet produces a very high power output with great efficiency.

The MT35F-U1 converts from a refrigerator to a freezer with variable temperature control at the twist of a dial. The unit features a tough zinc-plated steel outer case with a melamine coating, a removable storage basket, an easy-to-clean plastic lining and an easily removable lid. The optional insulating travel bag and slide lock will keep your Engel unit securely in place as you drive to your destination. This portable refrigerator-freezer plugs into the cigarette lighter socket of your car and can also use 110-V household power with the optional AC adapter. This travel cooler is tri-voltage which means it can run off 110 VAC, 12 VDC and 24 VDC!

  • Disaster Relief Workers - nutrition and medical supplies
  • Fishermen - freezing fish or keeping bait frozen
  • Boaters - for making ice cubes
  • Campers - keep food frozen or beers chilled
  • Fire/EMS Departments - refreeze cool vests and store on-scene rehab liquids
  • Reps on the road - for frozen product samples
  • Truckers - for cooling refreshments
  • Biologists - for blast freezing test samples in the field
  • Color: Grey
  • 34 Quart Capacity - Holds Up to 54 Cans
  • Swing Motor Compressor Provides Efficient, High Power Cooling
  • Uses Less Amperage Than Your Car Headlights
  • Can Be Used As a Refrigerator or Freezer
  • Automatic Temperature Control
  • Holds Steady Interior Temperature When Used as a Refrigerator
  • Removable Basket
  • Easy-to-Clean Plastic Lining
  • Durable Zinc-Plated Steel oouter Case with a Melamine Coating
  • Uses 12-V DC Power From Vehicle Accessory Socket
  • Functions Even When Tilted 30°
  • Self-Lubricating; Never Needs Oil
  • Cold Enough to Make Ice
  • Quickly Switches from Alternating to Direct Current
  • Ideal for Short- or Long-Term Freezer Storage
  • Model Number MT35F-U1
  • Power consumption 0.7 - 2.5 Amps
  • Equivalent 54 cans (12 Fl.oz)
  • Weight 46.3 lbs.
  • Inside Dims (LxWxH) 15.4" x 10.8" x 12.4"
  • Outside Dims (LxWxH) 25.5" x 14.3" x 16"
  • Freezing Ability From 40°F to below 0°F
  • Temp. control Variable
  • Available colors Gray
  • Carry handles Yes
  • Refrigerant Gas 134A
  • Input rating DC12V - 2.5A
  • AC 110V - 0.7A
  • Power Leads 9' detachable
  • Fuse 10A external fuse
  • Max Noise 38 dB
  • Shipping Dims 29" x 17" x 19"
  • Shipping Weight 59 lbs.
  • Warranty 2 years.

UPC: 0830151000099

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Optional Engel Insulating Travel Bag
No Insulating Travel Bag Added +$0.00
Add 34-Quart Insulating Travel Bag [more info] +$159.99

Optional Travel Slide Lock
No Transit Slide Lock Added +$0.00
Add Transit Slide Lock for Engel 34-/43-Qt. Cooler [more info] +$90.99

Optional Engel Digital Thermometer
No Digital Thermometer Added +$0.00
Add Engel Digital Thermometer [more info] +$39.98

Optional TwoZone Refrigerator Compartment
No TwoZone Refrigerator Compartment Added +$0.00
Add TwoZone Refrigerator Compartment [more info] +$305.00

Optional TwoZone Protective Cover
Add Protective Cover for Engel TwoZone [more info] +$183.98

Optional Engel DC Hard Wire Kit
No DC Hard Wire Kit Added +$0.00
Add Engel DC Hard Wire Kit [more info] +$29.98

Optional Posi-Fit Wire Solution
No Posi-Fit Wiring Solution Added +$0.00
Add Engel PosiFit Wiring Solution [more info] +$29.98

Optional Engel Hinge Lock
No Engel Hinge Lock Added +$0.00
Engel Hinge Lock for Models MT45F-U1 & MT35F-U1 [more info] +$5.98

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