Mr. Rootbeer Brewing Instructions

The recipe below makes 1 gallon of fresh tasty root beer. It is important to drink the entire first gallon before making the second so that you will have enough bottles.


  • 1 Bottle Root Beer Extract
  • 2 Packets Flavor Crystals
  • 1 Packet Root Beer Yeast
  • 2 Packets No-Rinse Cleanser
  • 4 Plastic 1-liter Bottles (PET)
  • 4 Bottle Caps and Gaskets
  • 1 Plastic Funnel
  • 1 Balloon w/Mr.Rootbeer® logo
  • 4 Labels w/Mr.Rootbeer® logo
  • 1 Easy to follow Fun Guide


  • 2 Cups White Granulated Sugar
  • 1 Cup Dark Brown Sugar


  • 1 Container With Lid (1 gallon milk or water jug will work)
  • 1 Mixing Bowl or Saucepan (3 quart)
  • 4 Measuring Cups (1 cup, 1 tablespoon, 1 teaspoon and 1/4 teaspoon)
  • 1 Mixing Spoon (plastic is better)
  • 1 Cereal Bowl (small)
  • 1 Cooking Thermometer (Optional)

Step 1: Assembling Caps
1.1. Carefully remove the rubber disks from their packing strip.

1.2 Insert 1 disk into each bottle cap, making sure it is completely below the last notch.

TIP: Assemble all 4 caps at once; they're easier to keep track of this way.

Step 2: Sanitizing Utensils
2.1 Fill a 1 gallon container with warm water, then add 1 packet of No-Rinse Cleanser. Close container, shake until dissolved, then wait 10 minutes.

2.2 Pour 1 cup sanitizer solution from the container into a cereal bowl.

2.3 Place mixing spoon, assembled caps, measuring cup, optional cooking thermometer, and measuring spoons into a 3 quart mixing bowl (or saucepan), then pour 1/2 of your solution into the mixing bowl. Swirl until all sides become wet.

2.4 Using the funnel (included), fill all 4 PET bottles halfway with the remaining solution from the container. Place your hand over the top of each bottle and shake a few times. Place the funnel inside the mixing bowl, and wait 10 minutes.

TIP: A minimum of 10 minutes is required for the No-Rinse Cleanser to sanitize your utensils. You cannot over soak with No-Rinse Cleanser.

2.5 After 10 minutes, take utensils out of the mixing bowl, and place them on a clean paper towel. Now, COMPLETELY empty the solution from both bowls and the bottles.

TIP: It is not necessary to rinse utensils after coming in contact with No-Rinse Cleanser.

Step 3: Making Root Beer
3.1 Fill your 1 gallon container with warm water (again); the water temperature should be about 95°F.

TIP: Best if measured using a thermometer. If you do not have a thermometer, the water should be warm to the touch.

3.2 Using a measuring cup, pour out 1 cup and discard, then pour another cup into the cereal bowl.

3.3 Add 1/4 teaspoon of Root Beer Yeast and stir gently, then set aside.

3.4 Pour 1/2 of the remaining warm water into your mixing bowl (no need to be exact). In the same bowl gently stir in:

  • 1 Packet Of Flavor Crystals
  • 1 Cup Of Brown Sugar (Packed)
  • 2 Cups Of White Granulated Sugar
  • 2 Tablespoons and 1 Teaspoon of WELL SHAKEN Root Beer Extract

Finally, pour in yeast/water mixture from the cereal bowl. Mix well.

TIP: Make sure everything has dissolved.

3.5 Use the funnel and pour the mixture back into the 1 gallon container (still half full of warm water). Place the lid back on the container and shake well.

TIP: All of the root beer mixture may not fit into the 1 gallon container. If this happens, discard remaining mix from mixing bowl.

Step 4: Bottling and Carbonating
4.1 Using the funnel, fill the 4 empty sanitized bottles with your mixture from the 1 gallon container. Cap tightly.

TIP: Do not over fill bottles. Fill to the bottom of the bottles' necks.

4.2 You now have 4 bottles of root beer. Store upright in a dark location at room temperature (between 68°–84° F) for a MINIMUM OF ONE DAY.

TIP: Depending on temperature, this step could take from 1 day up to 2 weeks. However, it usually takes about 3 days.

4.3 Squeeze your bottles once a day. When the bottles become firm to the touch, refrigerate your root beer. When your root beer becomes cold it is ready to drink.

TIP: For better flavor, leave the root beer in the refrigerator for at least 1 full day.

The most critical step in making your root beer is refrigerating at the correct time. Refrigerating too soon will result in under carbonated root beer, but it will still taste good. Refrigerating too late will cause over carbonation, which will make the root beer have off flavors. In other words, when in doubt, refrigerate early. You should be able to push the sides of the bottles in a little. Hard bottles mean poor tasting root beer! Do not store root beer in your refrigerator longer than 4 weeks. After four weeks you should drink or discard your root beer.