How Do I Choose A Wine Rack Style?

I’m growing my wine collection by leaps and bounds. Every trip to the grocery store I find a couple of bottles on sale. How do I choose a great wine rack?

A wine rack is an essential for any serious wine collector, as they store your wine properly and efficiently. Plus, wine racks look really cool. Like all things wine related, you will be faced with a plethora of styles, choices and designs when purchasing a wine rack. To help determine which wine rack best fits your needs, it is important to discover the intricacies of each rack's design, material and style.

Varieties of Wine Rack Designs:

  • Stackable and Modular Wine Racks
    Cost effective and efficient, stackable or modular wine racks are a wonderful option for people with expanding collections. Maybe you are starting small today, but 5 years from now your collection may grow. This is where stackable and modular racks come into play as they allow you to add on as you go and are perfect for wine cellars and wine rooms.
  • Wall Mounted Wine Racks
    Like their name implies, wall mounted wine racks allow you to mount your racks on the wall, storing your wine collection in a space-efficient manner. Not only do wall mounted racks allow you to proudly display your collection, but they also are oftentimes modular so you can add to them as your collection expands.
  • Table Top Wine Racks
    Table top wine racks offer effective wine storage usually on a slightly smaller scale than stackable, modular, and wall-mounted wine racks, as their size is limited to a table top! Table top wine racks oftentimes offer a decorative flair in addition to their functionality and are perfect for small wine collections that will most likely be accessed and enjoyed in the near future.
  • Floor Wine Racks
    Oftentimes made of wood and available in multiple finish options, floor wine racks offer effective wine storage that can either be decorative or functional. You may choose from small sized floor wine racks or larger ones depending on the size of your wine collection.
  • Wine Furniture
    Made up of wine storage cabinets and towers, wine furniture is a beautiful addition to a home that enjoys style as much as good wine. While not necessarily designed to be the sole means of storage for a larger collection, wine furniture is an effective and useful means of storage for smaller collections. Since the wine furniture is usually placed in a dining room or living room, it is also super convenient!

Wood vs. Metal Wine Racks

After deciding which style of wine rack you would like to purchase, the next step is to decide on what material you would like your wine rack to be made out of. Available in classics like wrought iron and wood, or stylish glass and retro plastics, wine racks are made in practically as many different materials as styles. For more on which material will best fit your needs refer to the information below.

  • Wood Wine Racks
    An oldie but goodie, wine racks made of wood are timeless, sophisticated, and cost efficient. Wood wine racks offer many benefits such as their ability to be modular and stackable and thus grow with your wine collection. Also, wood wine racks come in all types of wood (with redwood and mahogany being most popular) and different wood stains. This diversity gives you the ability to match your home or cellar décor. Wood is also extremely durable and you do not run the risk of your racking breaking or bending.
  • Wrought Iron Wine Racks
    Iron wine racks are elegant and offer very effective and decorative wine storage. Available in all shapes and sizes including table top, wrought iron wine racks also complement many home designs and styles.
  • Other Metal Wine Racks
    Metal wine racks are affordable and well suited for small displays or wall hung racks. While chic and stylish, be aware that some low quality metal racks do run the risk of bending or breaking, or scratching your wine bottles as you retrieve them.
  • Glass and Plastic
    Wine racking materials are not limited to wood, iron and metal. If you want to complement modern décor or add a touch of flair to your home, a glass wine rack or crafty plastic design is a great option. Suited better for smaller collections of wine than for larger ones, glass and plastic wine racks range from affordable to designer prices for unique styles.