Wine Rack Buying Guide

Wine Bottle Racks

Wine racks are an exceptionally important part of the wine storing and aging equation. You may have the fanciest wine cellar or wine cabinet this side of Seine, but if you do not have the proper racking system to place within your wine storage unit you may find yourself saying au revoir to your wine investment. Even if you are not a serious wine collector and just discovering the joys of the vine, a wine rack offers an excellent entrance and affordable means into the delicate world of wine storing and aging. Wine racks offer the convenience of organized storage, proper bottle position and aesthetic appeal. When placed in areas of your home or business that are not prone to extreme temperature changes, vibrations, light and noise, wine racks provide the perfect tool to achieve wine storage optimization!


Things to Think About Before Purchasing a Wine Rack

Wine racks are an essential accessory ensuring a smooth ride on the road to aging. Whether you are spending $10 or $100 on a racking system, taking into consideration the following points will ensure your wine is more than pleased with its new home!

  • Location of Wine Racks
    Vintage View Wine RacksOne of the first things you'll want to think about when purchasing a wine rack is where you are planning on placing it. If you have built a wine cellar or perhaps bought a free-standing wine cellar you will want to measure carefully to insure you wine racks fit to your liking and your needs.
  • Volume of Wine Collection
    Before you invest in some wine racks, it may be prudent to not only consider the size of your wine collection now but five years from now. If you plan on increasing your wine collection over the years, you will want to be sure to buy wine racking units that can accommodate a growing wine obsession such as modular or interlocking units that allow for easy expansion.
  • Size of Wine Bottles
    In addition to the size of your wine collection, you will want to think about the size of your wine bottles before purchasing a wine rack. Some wine racks are designed to accommodate the varying sizes of Cabernets (generally at 3" Diameter), Champagnes (3 ½" Diameter) and Burgundies and Pinots (3 ½" Diameter), while others may not possess openings that are wide enough for all of these varying bottle sizes.
  • Bottle Capacity vs. Racked Bottle Capacity
    While these two terms may seem similar, understanding the difference between them will save you the trouble of wondering why your wine rack said it would hold 150 wine bottles and yet clearly only has 125 wine bottle openings. As you explore the details of your selected wine rack, it will often list Bottle Capacity, which means a wine rack may hold 150 bottles but some bottles will be stacked on top of each other. Racked Bottle Capacity refers to how many wine bottles will be resting directly on the racks. This is an important distinction as resting bottles on top of one another can cause inconvenient access and make it much more difficult to read the label and reach bottles when ready for drinking and enjoying.
  • Solid Diamond Cube and Individual Bottle Wine Racks

  • Surface of Wine Rack
    While this may seem like a strange and minor detail, you will want to pay attention to whether the surface area of your wine rack is rough or smooth. Rough, unfinished wood may scratch your wine bottles or tear their labels.
  • Design of Wine Rack
    Okay let's face it, while preserving and aging your wine just right so it can reach its full flavor potential is definitely a priority, you want your wine rack to look cool too. Luckily, as you can see from searching the's extensive selection of Wine Racks, there are many design options available that will fit both your storage and design needs!
  • Resting Position of Wine Bottle
    Last but not least, be extra aware of the resting position your wine rack allows your wine bottle. Most wine racks ensure your wine rests horizontally which ensures the proper aging and protection of your wine long term. A horizontal position allows the wine to be in constant contact with the cork. This keeps the cork moist, ensures its seal is strong and keeps out the damaging effects of oxygen. Some wine racks are designed more for decorative purposes and involve unique designs such as this Bottle Bouquet Wine Rack (shown on the left).

    Bouquet Bottle Wine RackModularack Wine Rack
    While fun to look at and great for wines that are going to be consumed in the near future, for any serious aging you will want to go with something such as the rack on the right.