UBC KegMaster Commercial Grade Kegerator - Full Size

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UBC KegMaster Commercial Grade Kegerator - Full Size

UBC KegMaster Commercial Grade Kegerator - Full Size

The UBC KegMaster Commercial Kegerator combines high-grade materials and quality components to provide reliable, convenient draft beer cooling and dispensing. It features a heavy-duty commercial grade 1/5-hp compressor and 2-inch thick foam-in-place insulation that ensure efficient cooling. The rugged stainless steel interior accommodates 1/2-barrel, 1/4-barrel, 1/6-barrel and home brew kegs.
Product Reviews

Product Reviews

UBC KegMaster Commercial Grade Kegerator - Full Size Reviews

Average Customer Rating:
(based on 11 reviews) 
by:Mike (07-26-2014)
Port Jefferson Station, N.Y.
Comments:I have this kegerator in the garage,beer stays cold in tower (hose in tower)hardly any foam.kept my first one for cold keg stoage,will never run out of beer !!!!!
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
This is a fine keggerator
by:Pizza an (05-26-2014)
So. Ill carbondale
Comments:After looking at several models,I decided on this model and I'm glad I was more than I had planned to spend but it is commercial grade. Has the blower in tower so first beer is cold.solid is how it's built. Got the 15lb c o 2 tank,has a push out for lines couldn't be easier.added stainless steel tower so every thing touches comes with drain hole and plastic cup inside to catch spills.rails on top so if. You were to put glasses on top won't fall off. Heavy duty casters,rolls very easily.its a bit loud when it kicks in ,but once at temperature gets quiet.highly recommend
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
by:Darrell (06-05-2013)
Richmond, KY
Comments:Had mine for two years now. I use it every day. I'm ordering a three tap tower for it. It will hold four 1/6 barrel kegs or plenty of room for one full size keg. Quality built unit and keeps beer very cold. Top quality casters makes moving it easy. Compressor is a little on the loud side because of the heavy duty motor but not an issue with me. I recommend spending a little more for this quality unit.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
A satisfied first time buy!
by:chuck (06-06-2012)
Comments:I had this kegerator for a few years, then sold it when I quit drinking. Pretty reliable. I started drinking again and will probably get another one soon. One key piece of info to keep beer cold: on the back of the unit where the cooling fan is located is the differential(looks like a small auto radiator). After awhile dust builds up in the vanes which the fan can't blow out. You need to remove the outside housing grate (simple: 2 minutes), remove the fan(1 screw) and blow the dust out(CO2 tank does this perfectly). You only need to do this every so often(for me it was about every 4-5 kegs). If the dust isn't removed, the unit can't displace the heat inside and your beer won't chill below 40 degrees.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Solid system
by:noneckjo (10-12-2011)
Morgan Hill, CA
Comments:We set this up in our garage. Its on the louder side, but nothing alarming. This is definitely a heavy duty system compared to other conversion fridges some friends have. I have no doubts I made a great choice. We are going on a month, 3 kegs, and beer is always chilled and room a plenty for up to 4 ponies. Some things I don't see listed in description of this unit I was happy to see, the manual states for outside or inside use and there is a plug for relocation of the tank if you want it outside fridge. Might be on higher price end, but what I see people do to their cheaper taps ends up costing the same in some ways.

Great Kegerator.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Worth the money!!!
by:darrellbice (09-20-2011)
Richland WA
Very solid built with high quality casters. This is a heavy unit with quality that you can see and feel. No cheap plastic junk anywhere on it.
I like my beer cold so worried about it not cooling enough, NO PROBLEM I had to turn it down to keep it at the right temp.
All stainless top and inside. I love the stainless being inside so you don't worry about scratching the inside.
It's hard to mention every thing I really like about it, just spend the extra money you won't regret it.
It is noisey because of the big quality compressor, no problem for me, I have it in the game room. Would not want to put it in the living room though.
Would be nice if it came with a bracket to mount the co2 bottle to the back of unit.
I used units costing 400-800 bucks but this one is sooooo much better. It is worth the extra money!!!!!
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
this unit is absolutely the best !!!!
by:miker (08-23-2010)
houston texas
Comments:This kegarator works awesome the codest freaking perfect beer you can possibly poor at home! The instructions were right on, the sales people walked me through it like we were family. If your gonna buy a kegarator this is the one! !!!!!!

Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Excellent product!
by:Riht (05-07-2010)
milwaukee, WI
Comments: The ubc kegmaster is pretty solidly built. I've had mine for 2 wks now and no problems. The instructions are simple, set up is easy and all barrels up to 1/2 will fit. There is some motor noise, but this is minimal. In my opinion, pay the extra difference for better quality. And yes, the beer is COLD!
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
This is the one!!
by:David (04-30-2010)
Comments:Fellow beer drinkers and enthusiasts.
If you are going to make the investment, in a kegerator, in my opinion this model is perfect. It will fit any keg, the parts are well made and you get what you pay for. I would strongly recommend this product over a less expensive similar product.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Great value commercial unit
by:Tony F. (10-28-2008)
Miami, FL
Comments:My old unit finally died on me and I did a lot of research before ending up with this kegerator. I've read great reviews on commercial units because they're better built and keep the beer colder (top priority for me). I've had it for 2 weeks and have gone through my first two kegs with great results, ice cold beer and barely any foam. If you're looking for a great commercial unit at an affordable price, this is the kegerator for you. Just make sure to buy the "direct draw kit" doesn't come with one but neither do any of the other commercial models.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
by:heybeerman (09-16-2008)
New York
Comments:The salesman told me this was a new model and I would be one of the 1st to have it. I'm glad I bought it. It is really high quality. The drip tray has a built in drain and a good looking grill. It has 2 fans inside, one to circulate cold air, the other to cool the tower. We compared this to the other commercial style units, and this one has more features and better looks. You can't go wrong.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.