Kegco Dual Keg Tap Faucet Undercounter Kegerator with X-CLUSIVE Premium Direct Draw Kit - Right Hinge Reviews

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Product Reviews

Product Reviews

Kegco Dual Keg Tap Faucet Undercounter Kegerator with X-CLUSIVE Premium Direct Draw Kit - Right Hinge Reviews

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Great product for the cost
by:Paddy (05-24-2018)
South Bend, IN
Comments:Product packaging was top notch - always a concern when something is shipped by truck. Pretty easy set-up as this is my first kegerator.
A couple of nits: the instructions were silent on the black plastic tube within the kegerator (goes into the tower to keep the tower cool); the instructions were silent on the 90 degree elbows that were included (attach to the coupler when using 1/6 barrels); although I ordered a two faucet tower, I received only one neoprene washer to use on the couplers.
Very happy with the product so far.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Dual Faucet Digital Undercounter Kegerat
by:Cheryl (02-07-2018)
Comments:Works perfect. Very happy with purchase.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Good Product
by:Bill (01-18-2018)
Comments:Works as advertised. Lots of room for two-three 5 gallon kegs to a full size keg.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Looks great and works great
by:Michael (09-22-2017)
Milford, Oh
Comments:So far this unit is working to my expectations.

I mounted mine under my counter for that built in look.

I had two issues with the installation though.

1. The power cord came with a straight plug instead of a 90 degree plug, which allows the unit to be pushed back closer to the wall for that flush built in look. After replacing the plug to a 90 degree it didn\'t stick out from the counter as far and looks much better.
2. After filling the C02 tank at my local gas supplier it sat for a couple days and when I went to start up my unit I realized the gas had leaked out. After inspecting the tank I found that the brass valve on the tank was loose. The customer service team was outstanding and they are sending me a new tank as well as compensating me for my C02 loss with an in store credit good for a future purchase.
All in all I am happy with the quality and performance of this unit.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Happy with purchase
by:Jimbo (08-14-2017)
Kansas City
Comments:I was looking for a built-in unit with a chilled tower. After much research I ended up at this unit. I called in to ask a question about the extended warranty plans (the 1500 USD limit doesn't apply ... not sure why it's on there) and Carey quickly had me just buying my entire order on the phone right there.

Pretty quiet
Solid build
Low price (relatively)
Great customer service (so far)
Digital thermostat/thermometer
Chilled tower
Child lock
Two choices for door handle, optional top bar/fence

Directions and parts were a bit discombobulated (but if you're getting kegerator, you should have a good idea of what you're getting into)
Need to use 90-degree elbows to fit 5gal kegs (the elbows are included, so this is not really a big issue)
The upgraded Perlick taps drip about 3 times after each use. I should have bought a drip tray...
Does gurgle and you can hear the compressor, but it's not too bad. Only draws 1 amp.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Where is the Teacher!
by:joe (06-12-2017)
Atlanta, GA
Comments:All is well except there were no instructions how to attach/marry the numerous pieces together. For this amount of money, one would think that a instructional manual would be included just in case we're new to the home Kegerator concept. Ironically, I noticed other reviewers had the same complaints and fortunately for me they answered some of my questions through their reviews. Outside of this big omission (instruction manual in it's entirety, I am happy with my purchase.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
So far so good
by:alex (02-08-2017)
Comments:I spent weeks navigating many websites on kegerators, poring over the few reviews that were out there to help select the right dual-faucet product. I was looking for a dual kegerator with a reliable compressor, chilled draft tower, digital thermostat, and built-in capable. It was confusing. I ended up calling Beverage Factory and they directed me to this Kegco unit which checked all the boxes. Although there weren't many reviews on it, I trusted their advice and -- so far -- i'm glad I did.

The unit arrived MUCH faster than I expected, within a few days. It was well=packaged and was in perfect condition. It arrived with a whole bunch of accessories: draft tower, regulator, empty CO2 tank, couplers, pump cleaning kit, etc etc. Basically it came with everything you need to get started.

My only problem was the instructions. The kegerator had its own set of instructions (which did not include how to attach the door handle) and the coupler/regulator/tank came with it's own printed instructions. It would have been nice to have one manual which walked you though sequentially how to set it up. It also would have been helpful to see how to attach the door handle. Turns out there are holes drilled through the door which you have to access on the inside of the door by pulling back the rubber insulation around the door. I also had to buy screws that were half an inch longer than supplied to attach the door handle.

My only other quibble is that the unit was not shipped with the hose that connects the draft tower to the compressor. However, I called BF and they are shipping it out to me.

To be clear, these are minor concerns. The unit is fully functional now and works fantastic. It's quiet in my opinion (I had read reviews of other units complaining about noise, so I was concerned about this).

Overall, a great product. And, more important, the people at BF have been great. They are easily accessible and responsive to all my questions. I would use them for any future bar/appliance needs.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Excellent Kegerator
by:Lee (01-05-2017)
Round Rock, Texas
Comments:Came well packaged. Only issue assembling was lack of unit specific instructions - but was able to figure everything out.

Unit is very nice. The LED light inside was a nice surprise. So far is it is working great !

Wish list - the keg taps should come with 90 degree elbows. Slim ponies and 1/6's are too tall to not have them. Luckily I have one from last kegerator.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.