Kegco K309B-3 Triple Faucet Digital Kegerator - Black Matte Cabinet and Door

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Kegco K309B-3 Triple Faucet Digital Kegerator - Black Matte Cabinet and Door

Kegco K309B-3 Triple Faucet Digital Kegerator - Black Matte Cabinet and Door

The Kegco K309B-3 Triple Faucet Kegerator with Black Matte Finish adds digital functionality and a wider available temperature range to one of the best kegerators you can find. It still has all the features you've come to appreciate from other high quality Kegco models, such as attractive styling, a removable built-in drip tray that is easy to clean, a chrome guardrail that prevents glasses from sliding off the top, easy rolling casters and a three keg direct draw system. Now you have the ability to see your specific temperature setting and set it easily with the push of a button, in addition to having a wider available temperature range for more precise temperature control. The K309 has Fan-Forced cooling, giving it one of the coldest temperature ranges of any beer dispenser on the market today. The fan helps provide even cooling throughout the unit. Temperature can be set as low as 32 degrees to dispense ice cold beer. The interior of this keg beer cooler is spacious enough to easily hold any full size keg, including Miller kegs, Coors Kegs and rubber kegs. It can also hold up to two 5 Gallon D System kegs or up to three 5 Gallon Cornelius Ball Lock Home Brew kegs, allowing you to dispense more than one beer at a time. It comes with 2 adjustable shelves, allowing you to space them far enough apart to hold 2-liter bottles or gallon jugs. With the wide temperature range available in the K309, you can even use it to store wine!
Product Reviews

Product Reviews

Kegco K309B-3 Triple Faucet Digital Kegerator - Black Matte Cabinet and Door Reviews

Average Customer Rating:
(based on 25 reviews) 
by:DON (08-06-2014)
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Cold as a mofo
by:Pablo Diablo (07-23-2014)
Houston, TX
Comments:This thing cranks out the cold. I put a glass of water in there to measure with my thermometer and it froze over while set at 34F. Looks good, cold beer, and good equipment. Negatives: colder than temperature setting (much better than the alternative) and the dual gauge regulator is backwards so the mount is a little awkward (big whoop) - that's all I have to gripe about. I nutted up and got this one vs the more inexpensive ones because of some reviews that others don't get cold enough and I'm very glad I did.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Glad I bought it.
by:Lawman154 (07-17-2014)
York springs Pa
Comments:I use it for Rubber coated kegs and it has plenty of room. Cools great and looks good too. I searched around and this one had good reviews and great features. I like the feature that you can add or subtract items to fir your needs. Fast shipping and the delivery driver was great. So far it is a good investment.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Great fridge with poor accessories
by:Colin (07-17-2014)
boulder, co
Comments:The fridge itself is fantastic and I'm very happy with it. The tower and basic faucets are mediocre but work fine. The regulator is terrible and you will want to replace it.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Well made
by:Lawman154 (07-11-2014)
York Springs, Pa
Comments:I bought this because of the reviews and so far am not sorry. It is well made and looks good. Shipping company was great and the put it right in the garage so I could assemble it. Assembly was easy. The reviews on other units had the same complaint, not cooling. You don't have to worry with this one. It cools to 32 degrees and the deep chill setting is handy. I also put a tower cooler in mine and am not sorry. So far I would have to say you won't regret buying this one. The ability to add and delete features is a big plus.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Very nice
by:Paul (07-10-2014)
Leesburg, VA
Comments:I got approval from my wife and ordered this as a Father’s Day present. I decided to go with some upgrades such as Perlick stainless steel tower and premium regulator. I already had 5 lb. and 20 lb. CO2 tanks so decided to upgrade the order to the 10 lb. size instead. I ordered on June 5 and live in northern VA. While my order was in transit, I spoke with technical support in regards to drilling a hole in this kegerator to pass an air hose for an external air tank and an AC power wire to a tower fan cooler. I also wanted to know if this would hold a 1/6 barrel and 1/4 slim barrel. He was very helpful in answering several other questions and was pretty confident that it would hold 1/6 + 1/4 slim. He mentioned that drilling a hole in the unit would void the warranty and suggested I break it in first before drilling. They did not having the wiring or coolant schematics as to where it would be best to drill through the unit.

Shipping company is not the best. Had to call a third party and get passed around for order tracking. I learned that the order arrived to the DC metro shipping company warehouse on Wednesday June 11 which is 45 miles from my home. They informed me that they could not deliver until June 17. It sat in their warehouse for 5 business days and I did not receive until after Father’s day. Called Kegworks and got the standard line about 5-10 days of processing time… Allow a few weeks from order date to home delivery to be safe. Not really Kegworks fault but I did pass on my feedback.

Knowledgeable and friendly technical support
Got an additional $50 off for Father’s Day
Stays very cool. I bought a tower cooling fan on eBay. It keeps the tower chilled which reduces foam on the initial pour. Running the AC out the front door, corner and it seals fine for now.
Was able to fit 1/4 slim + 1/6 barrels. Easily fits two 1/6 barrels.

I have a ball lock 5 gallon keg on backorder since June 11. I plan to use it for soda and home brew. I also purchased a 1/4 MFL quick disconnect to swap between corny kegs and sankey kegs. Tried the 1/4 MFL on a 1/6 barrel and it’s a very tight squeeze at the top of this kegerator, puts a slight kink in the beer line. I’m ordering a bent tail piece which should fix that problem.

Still contemplating where to drill a hole in this unit to run an external 20 lb nitrous/CO2 mix and the 10 lb tanks along with the tower cooler power wire. I don’t want to hit refrigerant or power lines inside the walls or this unit will be toast. Appears the sides have refrigerant lines in the walls, you can feel the heat in certain areas on the outside. There is a drain on the back above the compressor. Might try drilling a small pilot hole near that area and see if there are any obstructions.

In all, I’m very happy with my purchase. The digital display and controls are very nice. You can easily turn this into a wine cooler when not serving beer.

Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Love this Kegerator
by:Frank (06-28-2014)
Telford PA
Comments: I am thrilled with it! Easy to set up and pouring cold beer wow love it. This was a big purchase for me.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
A step above other kegerators
by:Snydes1 (06-24-2014)
Eastern Washington
Comments:After a very helpful conversation with the staff, I chose this model, which happened to be on sale. Glad I did, as a buddy saved some money on a cheaper brand and there is no comparison--he really regrets his choice as his just doesn't have all the nice touches and quality this one does and the tech support in setting it up was very helpful for a few quick questions. I love it
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
the ultimate keggerato
by:runnindude (06-17-2014)
Oly, WA
Comments:This is an excellent product. If you are a home brewer, this is the one for you. It allows for variety both for your brews and if you choose to get a 1/6th keg. there is a 10$ difference for the digital thermometer keg. Just do yourself a favor and get it. it is worth it and if you are already spending this much money....10 bucks is nothing. It is a tight fit. they give you the c02 splitter, but it is not mounted. I mounted it by getting adhesive velcro from home depot and mounting it to the top side of the fridge. i can move it if i want and it is very secure. having it on locking casters is fantastic too. Everything about it is high quality and i have it out in my garage for now (need a spot inside for it.) perlik faucet upgrades are a good idea if you are going for it. unless you only get a 1/2 barrel keg and drink a lot there is no reason to stop at a one or two faucet kegerator when you can have three options. The great part about this fridge is that it is not so big that it dominates space. I could go on, but by now you have stopped reading this and are already ordering it. cheers!
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Big and COLD
by:Scott (06-09-2014)
Comments:So I have to say that i did A LOT of research prior to making this purchase. I have found it hard to find many other reviews on this unit except for the ones here on bevfactory. However the unit is everything I expected. Fast delivery,easy set-up and best of all.... COLD BEER! I have the unit in a garage where the tempature can go up to 85 degrees and the Kegco works flawlessly. There is a little extra foam on the first pour (as expected without a fan cooled tower) but with the internal cooling fan, this is very minimal compaired to other kegerators that I have used in the past. The interior is big enough to hold a sixtel and 2 cornies with a 5lb co2 tank. All of the parts are of commercial quality (i up graded the regulator) and seem like they will last for a long time. Thanks Beverage Factory for my new best friend!
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Love this kegerator
by:Monkeybox (06-05-2014)
Grand Rapids, MI
Comments:Ordered mine with the Perlick faucets, outfitted for 2 homebrew cornie kegs and a commercial sixth barrel. It works great.

Only improvement I'd make is that I wish it came with longer beer line so that I could run it at a higher pressure, but I'm doing just fine at 40degrees and about 10psi.

Had a problem with the initial CO2 regulator, but beverage factory made it quick and easy to get a replacement.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Very satisfied
by:Kelsy (06-03-2014)
University Place, WA
Comments:Easy order, delivery.
Arrived in perfect condition. Easy to assemble. Works great. Cools the beer quickly. Does not make any strange popping or cracking sounds like others that I researched before purchase. This was an early Father's Day gift. As homebrewer, husband is thrilled with it and it so much more convenient that using bottles.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Fantastic unit so far!
by:Eric (05-04-2014)
Phoenix, AZ
Comments:I did a bunch of research before buying. The Haiers and the Danbys of the kegerator world seem to be very cheap. Not affordable, mind you, cheap. As in, not well made. A few people have recommended the Kegco units, and the reviews have all been positive. Well, so far the reviews have been spot on. I ended up purchasing a "scratch and dent" unit. The only issue is a small dent on a side wall, at the very bottom. I'll gladly take that for the $150 off regular price. Other than that dent, it's in prestine shape.

Anyway, the unit arrived a few days early, which was great. it was VERY well packaged. The packaging was in perfect shape as well. They were cautious with packing and shipping, clearly. It took maybe 45 minutes to unpack everything and assemble the few things that needed assembly (faucet tower, casters). The unit is super quiet. Can barely hear it run. I have mine set at 33 degrees, and canned soda has small ice crystals all through it when I pop the tab. perfect. It would probably freeze if I dropped it to 32. The temp adjustment covers the 32-75 degree range. I plan on testing this out at some point, using the fridge as a fermentation chamber to maintain temps when I brew my own.

Overall ,this thing rocks so far. If reliability does not become an issue, it was money very well spent!!
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Love it - great for home brewer
by:Bryan (04-01-2014)
Westfield (Indy), IN
Comments:I've been a home brewer for a few years and was getting tired of bottling so I finally got into kegging with this unit. I was very impressed with the quality of the unit and the lines beverage factory provided for all the gas and liquid hook ups. I currently only have one keg full but hooked up all 3 kegs to run hot water with PBW through the lines to clean them and then ran sanitizer through all 3 kegs and lines also to prep for eventual home brew flowing through.

The unit is very quiet. We have it next to our bar in the basement and its just a few feet behind our couch and you can barely hear it when the compressor kicks on.

I upgraded to the Polished Stainless Steel Tower with Perlick 630SS Faucets and it is pretty good quality and came with insulation in the tower. I haven't had any issues with foaming or warm beer in the line even when not being used for a couple days.

The only con is that the triple faucets are very close together and it doesn't leave you many options to upgrade the tap handles. I initially ordered the T180-7 - Twist - 7" BOD (Branding On Demand) Tap Handle but had to return them because the handles hit each other at the top. You're limited to probably a 4 or 5 inch pretty straight tap handle. I'm currently just using the cheap plastic ones that come standard. They are fine but I want something a little nicer.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
by:Home brewer John C (03-07-2014)
Long Island, New York
Comments:I have 3 of my own brews on tap at any time!! The digital thermostat is right on, I keep it set at 38deg. The fan helps cool everything faster and keeps a steady temp. It is a quiet unit and the stainless matches the other appliances in the kitchen. (Keeps the wife happy). I just wish the co2 tank was on the right side instead of on the left in front of the fan. Or better yet was able to be mounted in the back outside of the unit.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
by:Jessica (12-04-2013)
Burlington NJ
Comments:I had no trouble assembling or using this kegerator. The directions were helpful. The hoses were awkward to attach, but the hot water- as advised- helped. We love it! Every feature is as promised, delivery was as promised. Great service, great product!
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
by:Jason (11-29-2013)
Comments:This baby is outstanding!!! I could tell as I took it out of the crate that it was built very well. It assembles in no time and everything works amazing. For anyone with foam problems, make sure your pressures and temperatures are in your carbonation range!
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
A very nice cooler-dispenser
by:ski (11-29-2013)
ocean shores, wa
Comments:a good looking the s/s front. Plenty of room inside tho my 10# co2 tank won't fit in the metal band (for a 5# tank. Really like the digital readout of the temp. needs to be careful of the small parts. I nearly threw away one of the spacer-cushions for the feet of the chrome guardrail. it was caught in the foam wrapping of the guardrail. Definitely recommend the perlick taps..real quality here. Overall...a very nice kegerator, one you'll be happy to have...especially when the wife gets her refrigerator back.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Great kegerator
by:Generik (11-15-2013)
Indianapolis, IN
Comments:I purchased this kegerator to replace a countertop height fridge that I had converted to a kegerator a few years back. After using the Kegco model now for a few weeks, the performance is well beyond what I had used in the past.

First thing to mention is the quick shipping. After placing the order I had the kegerator in 5 days. Installation was very easy and there are easy to understand directions on how to assemble the few things that need to be put together. Total assembly took less than an hour including the time to unbox everything.

I opted for the stainless steel tower to replace a chrome tower I already had and find the insulation is very good and helps minimize foaming on that first pour. The insulation is a foam rubber that wraps around the beer lines fairly tightly reducing the air space in the tower. I have consistently gotten excellent pours from this tower with the Perlick faucets I had already had.

The kegerator itself has nice touch controls right at the top of the front. First time plugging it in I noticed it cooled down to running temperature very quickly. Leaving it on overnight should be more than sufficient time to have it cold enough to handle your first keg. There is plenty of room inside and the shelf for the CO2 tank is nice for getting that out of the way.

All in all, I am very happy with this kegerator. It looks great and works extremely well. It definitely chills the kegs much better than my previous 'homemade' kegerator which results in very good pours with a proper head and not 3/4 glassfuls of foam. I'd recommend this to anyone looking for a great kegerator.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
wow this is a dream come true!
by:leo mulholland (11-01-2013)
san ramon
Comments:Pros: everything!
Coins: nothing!

This product out of the box is amazing. Easy setup as well as great construction. The way it is designed the first poor is always cold due to the internal fan. With this product, you get what you pay for! Temp control is great and the chill function are flawless!
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Fantastic Product! Amazing Company!
by:Dan (10-25-2013)
Portland, OR
Comments:The kegerator is by far better than any I have owned. It's a solid build and the components supplied by Beverage Factory are top of the line. For example, when I brought the CO2 tank in to be filled, they commented on how great of a tank it was and how others who had purchased kegerators from other retailers have brought in tanks made in China with leaks and expired tank inspection stamps. The unit was a breeze to assemble and could be done by nearly anyone.

I had a slight issue with my CO2 regulator and called about it. A new regulator was sent out immediately, no questions asked. AMAZING customer service!

Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Great Value! Highly Recommended
by:Amy & Clyde (09-29-2013)
Mt. Juliet, TN
Comments:- Used in home bar

- Unit: (Pros)
- Overall: This unit is a great value. It's intended as a refrigerator type system, and it delivers on its purpose. It looks great, well designed, great fit and finish and stays at a constant temperature.
- Components: The additional components are of great quality. The lines, tower, couplers, regulator and CO2 tank are all top notch. We like the CO2 tank so much that we requested it be filled instead of replaced at our local welding facility.
- Assembly: We had this unit up and running in about 30 minutes after we filled the CO2 tank and bought the beer. The instructions were very easy to follow.
- Controls: The digital controls on the front of the unit are easily managed and readable. We are very glad that we decided on this feature.
- Performance: This thing consistently pours flawlessly. Once we dialed in the correct pressure with the chosen upgraded regulator (very nice!), we have been very pleased with the pints that we pour.

- Unit: (Cons)
- Drip Tray: The accompanied drip tray is a two-piece plastic unit that functions fine. We would love to have the option for a metal drip tray to be as nice as the rest of the unit.
- CO2 Tank Holder: The clip for the CO2 tank is a "Horseshoe" shaped metal band with small holes on each flared end. This design would be fine if there was a provided way to hold the flared ends somewhat together. My wife and I are using a simple nylon cord with a locking slide. (Think camping chair bag closure)

- Beverage Factory: (Pros)
- Overall: This has been one of the best buying experiences that my wife and I have ever had online or over the phone. Our representative was very knowledgeable. The majorly impressive thing was that when she was stumped by one of our questions, she took the initiative and called us back with an answer that day! From start to finish, Beverage Factory listened to our wants and needs, educated us on the best products and components and has followed up after the sale to make sure everything went smoothly.
- Beverage Factory: (Cons)
- Overall: None to report - this was an awesome experience!!!!

- Recommendation: If you are looking for a double tap unit that works for your home bar, kitchen, man cave or game room, the Kegco K309B-2 ROCKS!!!!! We would recommend upgrading the regulator to the pro unit and the tower/faucets to stainless steel. You will be happy that you did. All-in-all, we are very pleased and will be doing more business with Beverage Factory in the near future.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
by:Brad (09-27-2013)
Dayton, OH
Comments:This was a big purchase for me. Once I knew I was actually buying a fridge (as opposed to converting one) I decided to go ahead and get one that could fit multiple kegs with two faucets. Might as well right! Currently I have a slim quarter and a sixth installed with a little room to spare. I think I could fit 2 slim quarters as the inside of the door is recessed a little. From the outside it is about the size of a dishwasher.

It will take a few days to cool down completely, but then the ambient tempature inside will match the display. I keep it on 33°F with no problems. You can use deep chill for the first few hours when you first put a keg in. Also, you will be fiddling with the regulator some and opening the door alot makes it harder to get cool.

I installed this unit under my workbench in the garage and mounted the tower to my workbench surface. I used a 6" piece of 2" PVC as a spacer and used and upside down shower drain as a flange to attach to the fridge. Multiple lengths of screws are included. I also had just enough room to put foam insulation down inside the PVC around the beer lines. The tower includes nice rubber insulation as well.

Finally, I find it much easier to pour into a pitcher as opposed to straight into a pint glass. There will be a little foam as the beer in the lines in the tower will warm up just a little. It's not enough to tell a temperature difference, just enough to make some foam. I find it's best to "burp" the faucet twice (open/close quickly), then let it run into the pitcher. From there you can make a perfect pour into your frosty pint glass.

Here are my recommended upgrades:
Worm gear hose clamps on CO2 lines (auto parts store)
Dual gauge regulator with dual shutoff valves
Standard 'D' system sankey couplers
Stainless steel tower
Perlick 525SS faucets
Pressurized cleaning kit
Stainless steel drip tray
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Love this Kegerator
by:C. Johnson (08-19-2013)
Valley, AZ
Comments:I recently purchased this kegerator, I am thrilled with it! Easy to set up and pouring cold beer. I like my beer REALLY cold, this unit has an additional fan and digital display for accurate temperature. I am glad I was able to purchase a great unit with out having to spend a ton of money. I upgraded the regulator to a double gauge, I am not that close to an air and gas place, I would hate to run out.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
My friends are jealous!
by:Brewmaster in Training (05-07-2013)
Yardley, PA
Comments:I've been home brewing for a couple years and i got tired of bottling so I decided to give this kegerator a try. It is awesome! I set it up with a couple home brew kegs and now I can pour a glass at a time and it always comes out ice cold. I've found that I'm brewing more and experimenting with my recipes because I can have two kegs on tap and compare tastes right away. It's perfect for a home brewer like me.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.