Three Product Secondary Co2 Regulator with Check Valve Reviews

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Product Reviews

Three Product Secondary Co2 Regulator with Check Valve Reviews

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Love this thing, for me it's essential
by:Rev2010 (11-26-2014)
Comments:Got this when ordering my kegerator so I could control the psi of each homebrew keg individually. Works great! Simple to use, knobs lock into place when pushed in, no sticking gauge needles or anything, etc. Just straight forward and simple.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Good secondaries.
by:The BK (11-11-2014)
Los Angeles, CA
Comments:Putting some notes here to fill in the product details a bit for other shoppers.

The plastic handle pulls out to adjust, and pushes in to lock. There's a locking position every 30 degrees, so you may have to adjust the pressure a tiny bit to lock the handle in place. (Or just leave it unlocked.)

Like the picture shows, this regulator bank has a nipple attachment on both sides, where some people might prefer a plug. Bev Factory sells the plug you want, it's the right-handed thread regulator plug.

Inside the regulator's inlet and pass-through there is a coarse metal screen, to prevent anything larger than a grain of sand from entering the regulator body via the gas lines.

All regulator holes are right-handed 1/4 FPT (National Pipe Thread, Female). Everything you see in the picture is screwed in with pipe tape and possibly some kind of sealing compound. (Might just be pipe tape that's been mashed around, hard to tell.) So, everything you see in the picture can be disassembled and rearranged in any way you like, provided you have the right-handed 1/4 MPT (NPT Male) hardware to put in its place.

Note: Taprite PRIMARY regulators use LEFT-HANDED threads on the inlet and pass-through. These are secondary regulators, and use right-handed threads. (Presumably Taprite does not want you attaching a secondary regulator directly to the CO2 tank, which sounds like a bad idea to me too.)

Removing the factory-assembled hardware is VERY difficult. There's nothing to grip that isn't sharp, and a plastic regulator handle to worry about breaking. I'm a big guy, can open the most stubborn jar of pickles you can throw at me, and I eventually gave up on the barb on the left that I was trying to remove, and removed the one on the right instead.

Also worth mention, the nipple attachments are slightly different sizes. The inlet and pass-through are 11/32 barbs, while the low-pressure outlet nipples are 3/8 barbs. Both should work with 5/16 I.D. gas line, but it's worth noting that the inlet and pass-through connectors are only 1/32-inch larger than that hose. 5/16 is 10/32, so on the inlet and pass-through you're fitting 10/32 hose on an 11/32 barb, while on the outlets you're fitting 10/32 hose on a 12/32 barb. Depending how tight your fit is, you may need clamps on the inlet and pass-through. (Probably a good idea anyway, for the higher-pressure lines.)

The angled steel mounting brackets you see in the photo look like they can be rotated, but it's a bit complicated. The brass of the regulator body has an oval-shaped bump that matches an oval-shaped hole in the bracket. If you ignore matching up the oval shape, the bracket can be placed vertically or horizontally. It CANNOT be rotated to face diagonally in the other direction. The regulator body has a piece of hardware on the lower right (from front perspective) that prevents the bracket turning 90 degrees from the position in the photo. (But vertical and horizontal can both be achieved, if needed. Would just be tricky to attach.)

The bracket attaches with a 5/16 - 18x3/8" bolt and washer.

The single Taprite secondary regulator comes with this same bracket, but the photo shows a square mounting plate. If you read my review on the individual Taprite secondary reg, the brackets you see in this photo are the ones you actually get with that single regulator.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Works well
by:PaulKegger (11-10-2014)
Healdsburg, CA
Comments:This is a usefull product and fulfills what I needed. The only challenge is the pull out knob that is hard to get a good and fine set on the pressure when pushing the knob back in..... Decent value for the need.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Good Product
by:bhambrew (07-24-2014)
Bellingham, WA
Comments:This bank of regulators was larger than I expected, but still fit inside my kegerator. The big knobs are easy to operate, and can be 'locked' in position to prevent unwanted adjustment.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
by:Chris (01-29-2014)
Tucson, AZ
Comments:Works to perfection. Easy to install and adjust. High Quality.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Perfect for multiple keg systems
by:Pele (01-03-2014)
Atlanta, GA
Comments:High quality product that allows three different kegs to have different CO2 pressures. It is well built as compared to cheaper substitutes. With the three product CO2 regulator, I converted my single faucet draft tower on a Danby kegerator into a three faucet draft tower. Since the regulator is installed inside my kegerator, I can force carb and serve beer without moving any of my three kegs. I recommend this for anyone who is not satisfied with drinking 1 type of beer out of their kegerator.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.