Allavino AWR30-SRNT - 32 Bottle Built-in Wine Refrigerator - Towel Bar Handle

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Allavino AWR30-SRNT - 32 Bottle Built-in Wine Refrigerator - Towel Bar Handle

Allavino AWR30-SRNT - 32 Bottle Built-in Wine Refrigerator - Towel Bar Handle

The all-new Allavino AWR30-SRNT 32 Bottle Wine Refrigerator is an ideal unit to store the collection of any wine aficionado. It's black finish on the sides and top and stainless steel door frame offer a very modern look that will compliment any decor. The cool blue LED lighting can illuminate your collection for an attractive display or be left off for energy efficiency. Each of the 6 wood shelves glide out on ball-bearing tracks far enough to access the rear bottles, affording you easy access to your entire collection. The unit is front venting so it can be built-in with zero clearance but the finished sides also look great in a freestanding application. The Soft Touch digital temperature display has cool blue LED lighting and is easy to use. The control pad is locked to prevent unwanted tampering with the controls, but can be easily unlocked by holding the up and down arrows simultaneously until you hear a beep. Temperature can be displayed in Celsius or Fahrenheit and can be set low enough for white wine or high enough for red wine. The durably built shelves glide in and out smoothly and help with vibration dampening to avoid upsetting the sediment of your wine. The top five shelves hold 5 bottles each. The bottom shelf can hold 3 larger diameter bottles, or it can hold 7 bottles by stacking 4 bottles on top of the 3 that fit in the grooves. This allows for a maximum capacity of 32 standard size bottles.
Product Reviews

Product Reviews

Allavino AWR30-SRNT - 32 Bottle Built-in Wine Refrigerator - Towel Bar Handle Reviews

Average Customer Rating:
(based on 8 reviews) 
Great Wine Chiller
by:Carlos (11-28-2013)
Comments:We replaced a Vinotemp chiller that could never hold a steady temperature. We decided out next unit had to have a compressor (a real refrigerator). Set it to 54 degrees when we got it two weeks ago. Holds the temperature perfectly. My only complaint is that the slide out shelves are too close to one another. Standard Cabernet bottles squeeze by. The larger diameter Pinot Noir bottles are a bit of a struggle. Barely fit if the label is turned over so it doesn't catch on the label when sliding shelf in. Dealing with the Beverage Factory was a breeze. Kept us up to date from the moment we placed the order. Product was delivered exactly on date and time promised. AMAZING!!
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Attractive, functional.
by:Tom (08-13-2013)
Reno, NV
Comments:We replaced an old bar refrigerator with this wine refrigerator and it is perfect. Size is accurate and it slipped into the 15" wide space precisely. It holds the temperature well, the lighting is very attractive, and the design for the bottle storage works as described. The controls work well and are intuitively designed. Construction is solid including the ball bearing shelves that slide out smoothly. The instructions for letting it stand 8 hours before turning it on are odd, but we did it.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
A Quality Beginning Collector's Cooler
by:Phil in OKC (08-07-2013)
Oklahoma City
Comments:I am a novice red wine lover who likes to have some quality wine on hand to enjoy with family and friends. When we decided to renovate our kitchen we needed an idea to fill the trash compactor site. This cooler turned out to be the perfect complement for our stainless steel appliance arrayed kitchen. It took longer to ship than I anticipated, but arrived in perfect shape and well packaged. It slid right into the standard slot where my trash compactor had been. The front legs were simple to adjust to level the unit. It is stylish and functional. I have received compliments from everyone who has seen it. It exudes quality. The ball bearing supported trays glide effortlessly. The wood racks with stainless fronts are functional and attractive. The controls (ie. blue light, temperature) work as advertised. The compressor is quiet and can only be heard when standing directly next to the cooler. Fitting my bottles took a bit of time because the shelving is tight. I had to remove one shelf to store six oversized bottles in the bottom of the unit. Notwithstanding, normal 750ml straight sided bottles fit effortlessly. This is the only reason I gave the unit four stars instead of five. It is in no-wise a deal breaker. The pros far outweigh the cons. I would recommend this unit to my friends who are novice wine enthusiasts like myself. A serious collector will want more storage space if this is to be his only unit. However, this is the perfect replacement for that outdated trash compactor, which by the way, I put in my garage to mash my aluminum cans. ha! One final thought. I bought this unit from the Beverage Factory because they are an authorized Allavino dealer and offer what appears to be a very affordable and extensive 5-year warranty. I figure I am set for the next five years or until I decide to expand my storage requirements.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Love the quality
by:Tony (08-01-2013)
Southport NC
Comments:I'm satisfied with this product. It appears to be high quality. Fairly quiet. I like the way the shelves slide out. Only negative, which is minor, is that some of the larger diameter bottles are a little tight and rub against the shelf above. If you can live with that, I would highly recommend the product. Much better than the Avanti that I hated from the moment I purchased it and had nothing but problems with it.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Perfect wine cooler for the space
by:K. Sahnklin (03-26-2013)
Natick, MA
Comments:Received the wine fridge via a truck delivery. It was well packaged on a pallet so it arrived in perfect condition. We just moved into our new place and purchased this unit for an existing 15" spot that used to be a trash compactor from the previous owner. The measurements of this Allavino was exact so all we had to do was just slide it in. We were pleasantly surprised at how nice the unit looked after unpacking it. Each shelf holds a good number of bottles for such a slim model.

After playing around with the digital controls, I set the temperature range and now it worked perfectly. The tinted door is a nice feature as our kitchen is very bright. The unit does make some noise when the compressor runs. Compered to our regular refrigerator, it is not as loud.
Bottom Line:
Good looking built in
by:Catore (03-05-2013)
Amarillo, TX
Comments:Part of the renovation of the kitchen was adding a wine refrigerator. Space is limited so I chose this 15" wide model. The shelves are very nice with a stainless steel trim on wooden shelves that are easy to slide and load with bottles. The handle bar is solid and easy to use. The digital controls are very simple and easy to learn. I have large champagne and wine bottles that had to be placed on the bottom. The performance has been good. The unit cooled to desired temperature effectively. I would say from a noise standpoint it is the same as a regular refrigerator.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Fits where trash compactor was
by:T. O'bren (02-27-2013)
Montville, ME
Comments:We recently bought a house with a 15" trash compactor we never used. This is a much better replacement for that space. We just plugged it in and slid it into place with no need to cut or remodel anything. This unit keeps the wine at the stated temperature. Runs quietly (can occassionally hear it if nothing else is on in the house - but then only a quiet hum). The door and light look fantastic.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Impressed by the price
by:S. Boogren (01-25-2013)
Royal Oak, MI
Comments:We built this Allavino wine cooler into our new kitchen. It looks very cool built in. Temperature is constant and keeps our wine perfect! You have to open the door fully to slide out the shelving so make sure you measure properly.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.