170 Bottle Wine Cellar Refrigerator - Single-Zone Black Cabinet with Black Door - Right Hinge Reviews

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Product Reviews

Product Reviews

170 Bottle Wine Cellar Refrigerator - Single-Zone Black Cabinet with Black Door - Right Hinge Reviews

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A Great Value
by:Richard (04-24-2015)
Lewes, DE
Comments:This is an awesome wine storage solution for the price. It looks really nice like products costing much much more. It makes a little noise but we have it in a room just off the kitchen with a door and can't hear it at all. Not sure I'd want it in my kitchen. Not a surprise but many bottles do not fit in the shelves well. Many of the high end Californians like Shafer and Pahlmeyer only fit in the top shelf or rub on the shelf above. I'd prefer more bottle shaped racking in the shelves than the slats they have. It is very difficult to optimize space usage with the slats. So don't expect to hit the 340 bottle mark or even close. That said, I have no regret with this purchase. It is an attractive and effective wine storage solution at a fabulous price point.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Great coolers!
by:stuross (08-10-2014)
Glenwood Springs, CO
Comments:These coolers do the job! I bought four coolers and have them set up in my garage. They keep the wine at a steady temperature despite the heat in the garage.
The shelving doesn't work for Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and some of the CA Cabs that use bigger bottles. This obviously reduces the number of bottles one can store. The company needs to change it's description to make this clear. Despite this shortcoming the coolers are well made and work well.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Allavino Single Zone Wine Cooler
by:David C. (07-25-2014)
Temecula, CA
Comments:Have had installed and running for about a month now. We only got about 160 bottles in the cooler. Bottles with high shoulders limit the capacity. Works well, a little noisy when cycling, but not in our living area, so does not affect us. Looks nice and functions as expected.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Impressed thus far
by:Denayarb (07-17-2014)
Norfolk, VA
Comments:Only had this thing for four days; so far, very impressed. Packaging was very good - no dings or scratches. These are hefty brutes - solidly built. Very happy with build quality. Once they acclimated to my room and I turned them on - they were at the desired temperature in just minutes. These things look great and don't make a lot of noise. One of my wooden shelves didn't look level - but once I put wine on it - it looks ok. Shelves are easy to remove (which you will have to do if you want to put any non-standard bottle size in there) and well greased. Would give it five stars if it had readily available accessories I could purchase - like a display shelf, etc..
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Modified for Better Fit
by:Paul (07-03-2014)
Great Falls, VA
Comments:First off I like the look of the unit. The stainless steel door frame and handle look very high-end. We've built in under the stairs in our kitchen and looks great. I had the same issue others had fitting bottles in but was able to fix it relatively easily. The side tracks that hold up the shelves are easily removable, so you pull out all the shelves, unscrews the side tracks, and then I added a 1/2" of spacing to the bottom 7 shelves by drilling new holes and then moving the shelves. This caused me to only lose one shelf, but now all champagne/chardonnay bottles fit very nicely. A little bit of work, but I love the way it turned out. I've only had the unit a week so I don't know how it will last, but I love the reconfiguration and don't have a clue why they just don't do this from the beginning versus maxing out the bottle capacity.

The only other comment is that I'd like one more LED light toward the bottom as it's a little dark, but overall I'm please with the unit and would buy again assuming it doesn't break down anytime soon.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
So far so great!
by:Phil (05-29-2014)
Sacramento, CA
Comments:I bought the side by side on Sunday. Monday was a holiday and it was delivered on Thursday! Much faster than I anticipated. Well packaged and in perfect condition. Fits almost all of my bottles easily. The Syrahs and Pinots went to the top shelf where there is extra space. Units are well constructed and cool down quickly. They put out some heat thru the front vents and they are not loud but they are not silent either. Put them in a room you don't mind a little white noise. No louder than a regular fridge.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
This is my third purchase
by:Brenda (05-16-2014)
Atlanta, GA
Comments:Just took delivery of my fourth wine cooler. All are Allavino and from the Beverage Factory. I am very pleased with the quality and performance of my coolers. Shipment was on time and took almost no time...I did pay extra for the white glove delivery and it is definitely worth the small extra charge.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Allavino Single Zone
by:Jeff (05-02-2014)
Houston, Texas
Comments:Actually fits 171 bottles. With just red wine in the cooler the single zone works perfectly for me. The Oak shelving is very sturdy. Much more so than I would have thought. I checked the shelves to see if they removed easily and they did. The unit is reasonably quiet. It looks exceptional in the space I have it in. I took the opinion of the Beverage Factory salesman in purchasing the unit as opposed to other units and I am very thankful for his advice. For the price it is more than I expected.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Great Value
by:Bret (04-22-2014)
Knoxville, TN

The unit looks great
Shelving is all wood which is not offered by many competitors
On-time delivery(6 business days)

A little on the noisy side when the compressor turns on. I have a 48" subzero fridge that is quieter than this unit.
Lock is not really a lock, but more like a pin to keep your 2 year old from tugging the door open.

Considering the price, still a great value.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Terrible Unit
by:Tom (04-21-2014)
Houston, TX
Comments:Received two as a gift for my wine bar. Exactly four days ago, one of the units failed, shut down, quit, powered off, died. Of course the warranty was up 3 days previous. Would not buy another Allavino. Poorly made, not reliable.
Bottom Line:I would not recommend this product.
Good value
by:Renzo (04-10-2014)
San Jose
Comments:In general, pretty much as advertised. All units that use the pull out shelves suffer from the bottle size problem and this is no exception. I have a number of high end cabernet bottles that are too thick for the shelves so I cannot get 7 across. The result is that the units will barely hold 150 bottles rather than 170 each. Other than that, the units seem to use cheap fans that whistle. A good quality whisper fan would make this a very quiet unit. The fans run virtually all the time but the compressor cycle is much better than my old vinotemp unit. Do not know what the energy consumption of the unit is but running fans takes less power than running the compressor so it should be better than the old vinotemp. Pay to have it unloaded and set up as it is hard to deal with the double pallet shipping set up.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Nice box
by:Carl (03-06-2014)
Comments:I use this cooler for red wine only. Thus the single temperature is what I need. Further I like the fact that after a power interruption it returns to the set temperature instead of some arbitrary default. The cooler of a different brand I had previously had two zones- an unecessary complication.

It looks good, runs quiet and I hope it will last longer than the four year old Danby I just scrapped.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Easy as opening a Bottle
by:Harry (03-06-2014)
Portland, Ore
Comments:Website is clear and easy. Phone personnel knowledgeable. Delivery prompt. Product is doing what it is supposed to do. Noise/compressor suitable.
All I have to do is start drinking.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Pretty decent
by:Anthony (02-11-2014)
Winston-Salem, NC
Comments:I do like the roller shelving. They do take a little away from the bottle room but the end result is it holds as much as my old Avanti.

The Pros:
1.The temp you select is set and during power outage it resumes back to the selected temp.
2. It is nice looking and fits in most any decor.

The Cons:
1. It seems a little louder than the last unit but not too loud.
2. The edge of the underside of the shelf has a piece of wood that takes a little bit of room from the shelf below.
3. The biggest issues is the top of the shelfs have nothing the side to stop a bottle from rolling of. I have not lost a bottle yet but you have to be careful. The last model I had, Avanti, had more room between the slots on the shelf where the bottles rested and we didnt have this issue.

Over all a big recommendation for this unit over the Avanti! well done Bev Factory.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
As Advertised
by:Scott (11-12-2013)
Cary, NC
Comments:This is my second unit and I've had the first unit for a year. Be aware that these units are for regular bottles which is clear in their advertising.

Tracking of unit and Customer Service is great. The unit looks great!!!

Happy, Happy, Happy with my purchase.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Great wine unit for the money
by:Eric (06-24-2013)
San Marcos ca
Comments:Unit has a lot of shelf space and looks very nice
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Fine but Poor Wine Bottle Fit
by:fred (06-14-2013)
vail, co
Comments:The refrigerator cools well and is attractive. There are some serious geometry issues: (1)if the bottle is any wider than about 2 3/4" you will need to remove a shelf; (2)the wooden shelf slats are too close together for even a bordeaux-type narrow bottle; (3)none of my bottles fit well when intermeshing bottles in the back part of a shelf with bottles in the front; (4)be sure to open shelves carefully as bottles may roll off the side due to the aforementioned issues. In sum, the interior design is very very poor. Whoever designed this thing must have had demi-sized bottles in mind. Delivery and installation were fine.
Bottom Line:I would not recommend this product.
My 16 month review
by:Gator Bruce (03-31-2013)
Tampa, Florida
Comments:Specifics are what we all want when it comes to a review.
1. It's a great looking cooler.
2. Keeps a consistent temperature for me.
3. A little noisy, but certainly not bad.
4. I have 4 racks that are uneven. Causes upper row to come out with lower row.
5. The cooler looks fantastic!
6. Versatile for placement because the fan is located in the front bottom
7. Quality of the racking is average. i have 4 racks that are not level.
8. The major flaw with this cooler is similar to many brands offered today. I wish every rack were 1inch taller. I would be more than happy to give up the capacity, and buy two because the price is good. Why should a consumer have to take racks out to accommodate a design flaw. THREE FEWER RACKS WOULD MAKE THIS A 6 STAR REVIEW!!!
What manufactures fail to realize is that the traditional 750 size bottles are almost rare these days. vintners are using different shaped bottles frequently. Not to mention, if you drink most anything other than Cabernet you are further limited.
9. I like the racks, but I have torn labels in almost every row because there is not enough space to accommodate my non traditional cabernet bottles.
10. CAPACITY. I can fit approx. 110 bottles. NOTE. I do have mostly Cabernet and Pinot. 65/35.
My final point is this. I really like this cooler. The statement about capacity is honest by Beverage Factory, and true.

In the end know your needs and the reality of coolers like this.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Love It So Much I Ordered a Second Unit
by:Ever Zinful (10-06-2012)
Comments:We have some really nice wine that we wanted to protect. This unit does the trick. It stays at the set temperature and has really sturdy, easy glide drawers. The roomy top shelf is great for those oversized bottles. We can't get 11 bottles into all of the drawers due to variations in bottle size, but we do get 9 or 10. Traditional sized bottles do, indeed, fit in 11 at a time. We have enjoyed being able to buy wine that needs to keep for a few years and not having to worry about spoilage. Since we have filled up our first unit, we just purchased a left-hinged unit to sit next to this unit.
Now for the reason I didn't give it 5 stars: the unit cuts on and off constantly to keep a consistent temperature. This makes me think that there isn't enough insulation. For this reason, I would not recommend you keep this unit in a hot, or even semi-hot area. Additionally, this unit vents out the bottom front, so you do get some warm air going into the room.
Overall, a great amount of wine storage for the price.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Shelves tight, noisy, Still a Good Buy
by:Skidkid (07-13-2012)
Campbell, CA
Comments:I got this unit and installed it at home. It looks better than I expected and works perfectly. The temp is held within ~2 degrees and it comes down to temp quickly. I also love that it can be used as a built in so there isn't a side clearance issue, tight spaces are fine.

The two nits that keep it form 5 stars are shelf height and noise level.

The shelves are a little too close together. Not much, an extra 1/4" would be enough to make this 5 stars. Even if they moved the top 3 shelves up 1/4" each so you have 4 slightly larger shelves. I think you could take all of the shelves out, drill some new holes, and move the top few shelves but I didn't try.

This thing isn't quiet. The fans come frequently to circulate the air and maintain the temp across the interior. This creates a moderate hum, kind of like your desktop computer. The compressor isn't much louder than the fans so you really don't notice when it cycles. You will notice it in a quiet house so don't put it near a bedroom or somewhere you want a romantic setting.

Overall I like my cooler and would recommend it. particularly based on the price performance. Plus, the customer service at Beverage Factory was great.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Love My Unit!
by:Patrick (03-27-2012)
Virginia Beach, VA
Comments:We have this unit in my kitchen and it looks great! Ive been able to get larger 3 1/4" diameter bottles in the racks and even larger on the top rack. The all wood racks are very sturdy and slide in and out smoothly. The stainless on the door is good quality and has a nice tower bar handle. Got a great deal on mine, Thanks Beverage Factory!
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.