Wine Cellar - Two Basic Doors - 440 Bottle Count

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Vinotemp 700 Wine Cellar The Vinotemp 700 is one of our best sellers. It comes standard with heavy duty insulation (1 1.6 "R" factor) on walls and doors. A magnetic gasket along the inside edge of the door maintains the efficiency and integrity of the superior storage environment offered by every premium quality Vinotemp wine cellar. This particular unit is very cost effective because it comes with the basic standard door option which saves you money.

This unit is equipped with a WineMate state-of-the-art cooling system, which is engineered for efficient, quiet operation using environmentally friendly R-134 refrigerant. The compressor is warrantied for five full years, other parts and labor for 12 months.

This wine cellar comes with a beautiful ready to finish oak exterior and can be upgraded with a factory finish with a thorough 6 step process (three coats of stain and three coats of semi-gloss finish) in an extensive offering of wood tones.


  • Two basic door design
  • Approximate Bottle Count is 550 bottles. Bottle capacities are only guidelines and will vary dependent upon the size and style of the bottle stored and variations in design unique to each wine cellar.
  • Quiet, efficient 1500-BTU WineMate cooling system
  • Unfinished White Oak exterior
  • Heavy-duty insulation (1 1.6 "R" factor) on walls and doors
  • Dimensions should be verified with us for close fit installations.
  • Unit is back venting so wine cellar must be placed at least 3 inches from back wall for proper ventilation.


  • Standard Racks are 3-3/4" x 3-3/4" cubicles.
  • Other Rack Configurations are available in 3-3/8", 4" or 4-1/2" cubicles for an additional charge.
  • Custom Racks are also available. Please call (800) 710-9939 for details and pricing.
  • To determine the rack size necessary for your collection, measure the diameter of the widest part of the bottle. (The diameter is the width across the widest part of a circle.)


Wood Finishes

  • Upgrade Wood Finish
    You can upgrade the wood stain from the large selection of color stain choices. Color and appearance of wood finishes will vary subject to density, texture and grain. The following samples are approximate representations only and are not definite. Your monitor settings can also affect the colors in this web page.
  • Security Lock
    You can up grade to a security lock and door in either brass or nickel color.
  • Upgrade Cooling System
    If you are placing the cellar in a hot room or garage, you can upgrade the cooling system from 1500 BTU to 2500 BTU. Please Note: The 2500-BTU unit operates much louder than the 1500-BTU unit.
  • Florescent Light
    You can add a Fluorescent Light. The light includes electrical work, electric box and an additional plug.
  • Venting/Exhaust Options
    This wine cellar comes standard with back venting. You can change the direction of the exhaust to one of the following options:
    • Side Venting - You would use a side exhaust system when placing the cellar against the back wall.
    • Top Venting - The unit would have to be re-engineered at the factory and would still need some space in the rear for fresh air intake.
    • Front Venting - Front exhaust would be necessary if the wine cellar is completely enclosed. A fixed panel will be built into the front which will result in a shorter door and the cooling unit will be placed on a shelf in the fixed panel.
  • Racking Options
    You can upgrade the racking from Redwood and Aluminum racking to all Redwood racking. Upgrading to Redwood racks will reduce the bottle count capacity by 20%.

    Other options are available including replacing 2 rows with 4" or 4-1/2" cubicles and racking configurations of 2 cubicle sizes (e.g., 30% 3-3/4", 70% 3-3/8") or 3 cubicle sizes. Please call (800) 710-9939 for pricing and details about custom racking.


  • Cellars are custom built to order, so allow 6-8 weeks for production.
  • Cellars are shipped Freight Collect via white glove service by a moving company who will deliver, install and level the cabinet in the desired location and remove all dunnage.
  • A representative will contact you within (2) business days of your shipping rates.
  • You cabinet is securely steel strapped to a wood pallet.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that there is enough clearance for proper delivery and installation in the desired location of wine storage unit.

UPC: 657433000055
Net Weight450 lbs.
Total Bottle Count440
Cooling System

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Optional Cooling System Upgrade
1500 BTU Winemate (standard) +$0.00
Upgrade to 2500 BTU Winemate +$235.00

Optional Exhaust System Upgrade
Back Exhaust System (standard) +$0.00
Upgrade to Right Side Exhaust (when looking at front of unit) +$235.00
Upgrade to Left Side Exhaust (when looking at front of unit) +$235.00
Upgrade to Top Exhaust System +$235.00
Upgrade to Front Exhaust System +$406.00

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Unfinished Oak Exterior (standard) +$0.00
Upgrade to Rustic Cherry Finish +$415.00
Upgrade to Vintage Cherry Finish +$415.00
Upgrade to Natural Oak Finish +$415.00
Upgrade to Fruitwood Finish +$415.00
Upgrade to Cherry Finish +$415.00
Upgrade to Dark Cherry Finish +$415.00
Upgrade to Chestnut Finish +$415.00
Upgrade to Golden Oak Finish +$415.00
Upgrade to English Oak Finish +$415.00
Upgrade to Iced Oak Finish +$415.00
Upgrade to Honey Rubbed Maple Finish +$415.00
Upgrade to Light Walnut Finish +$415.00
Upgrade to Medium Walnut Finish +$415.00
Upgrade to Dark Walnut Finish +$415.00
Upgrade to Black Walnut Finish +$415.00
Upgrade to Victorian Mahogany Finish +$415.00
Upgrade to Dark Red Mahogany Finish +$415.00
Upgrade to Rich Brown Finish +$415.00
Upgrade to White Finish +$415.00
Upgrade to White Wash Finish +$415.00
Upgrade to Jet Black Finish +$415.00

Optional Interior Light
No Light (Standard) +$0.00
Add Low Heat Interior Light +$126.00

Optional Lock Upgrade
Standard Handle No Lock (standard) +$0.00
Upgrade to Nickel Handles with Security Locks +$90.00
Upgrade to Brass Handles with Security Locks +$85.00

Optional Wood Racking Upgrade
Wood/Aluminum Universal 3-3/4" Racking (standard) +$0.00
Upgrade to All Redwood Racks +$570.00

Optional 2 Rows of 4'' or 4 1/2''
Normal Individual Racking (Standard) +$0.00
Replace 2 Rows with 4" Cubicles +$119.00
Replace 2 Rows with 4-1/2" Cubicles +$119.00

Optional Insulation Upgrade
R12 (Standard) +$0.00
Upgrade to R19 Insulation +$510.00
Upgrade to R29 Insulation +$610.00