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CellarPro 4000S Wine Cellar Mini-Split Refrigeration System

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CellarPro Mini-Split 4000S Wine Cellar Refrigeration System / Cooling Capacity of up to 1000 Cu. Ft. / Rated for Internal or External Applications / 1/3 Ton Nominal Refrigeration System / Variable-Speed Centrifugal Fan / Adjustable Humidity Control / Electronic Thermostat / Auto-Defrost Style / ETL Tested and Certified (UL Standards [Pending])

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The CellarPro Mini-Split 4000S Wine Cellar Refrigeration System by CellarPro is designed for Wine Cellars up to 1000 Cu. Ft. The CellarPro Mini-Split is rated for both internal and external applications. This 1/3 Ton Nominal Refrigeration System allows for quieter operation by separating the Evaporator Unit from the Condensing Unit. In addition this 1/3 Ton Nominal Refrigeration System eliminates the need for large holes in your cellar wall.

The Evaporator Unit is designed to mount on the wall near the top of the Wine Cellar. Outside of the Wine Cellar, the Condensing Unit is attached to the Evaporator Unit by a Line-Set that can run up to 100 equivalent feet. The Line-Set is sold separately. The Evaporator Unit uses a variable-Speed Centrifugal Fan with three different settings including: (1) "High" - setting for maximum performance, and (2) "low" - for super-quiet operation.

The Condensing Unit is designed to handle environments ranging from 0°F to 110°F. The Condensing Unit requires 12 inches of unobsturcted space in front of the coils, and requires 600-700 CFM of ventilation when installed in a confined space.

This CellarPro Split Wine Cellar Refrigeration System offers a choice of wiring. The Condensing Unit can be either electronically controlled and wired to the Evaporator (single power source on the Evaporator Side), or it can be controlled by a Solenoid Valve (dual power source, one each to the Evaporator and Condensing Unit). Please Note: the former choice (Electronic Wiring) will allow the Condensing Unit to be used in temperatures down to -20°F.

Important Notes

  • For External Installations an Outdoor Hood is required.
  • For exposure to environments below 40°F, a Compressor Heater Modicifaction is required.
  • Access to the left and right side of the Evaporator Unit is required for installation.
  • All Split-Systems must be installed and charged on site by a Qualified HVAC Professional.
  • Line-Set equivalent feet must be calculated in accordance with ASHRAE Guidelines
  • To activate your warranty, you must complete and return an Installation Checklist.
    Scroll down for details.
  • Up to 1000 Cu. Ft. Capacity (1/4 Ton Nominal)
  • Product Dimensions: 16.6W x 12.6D x 22.1"H
  • Engineered to operate in interior and external environments (0°F to 110°F)
  • For temperatures below 40°F a Compressor Heater modification is required
  • Schraeder Valve for Refrigerant Charge (R134A) and Superheat Adjustment
  • Multiple Knock-Outs and Access Points
  • Expansion Valve and Liquid Line Solenoid Valve (optional) come Factory Installed
  • Choice of Single or Dual Power Supplies for Evaporator and Condenser Units
  • Choice of Electronic or Valve Control for Condensing Unit
  • Evaporator and Condensing Unit are Factory Pressurized and Shipped with Dry Nitrogen
  • High-Performance Condensing Unit
  • Variable Speed Evaporator Fan for Super-Quiet Operation or Max Performance
  • Oversized Coated Evaporator Coils
  • Adjustable Humidity Control via Digital Display
  • 1/2" ID Drain Line
  • 53 Decibels at Low Fan Speed (Evaporator)
  • Electronic Thermostat, Digital LED Display and Audible/Visual Alarms
  • Auto-Defrost Cycle
  • Sight Glass and Liquid Line Filter/Drier
  • Oversized Receiver for Long Line Sets
  • Line-sets can run up to 100 equivalent feet (and up to 30 vertical feet)
  • Adjustable Low Ambient Fan Cycling Control
  • Auto Reset High Pressure Switch
  • Compatible with a Dedicated 15-Amp Circuit
  • Optional Bottle Probe
  • Optional Outdoor Cover
  • ETL Tested and Certified (UL Standards) (PENDING)

UPC: 608938595966
Outside LouverYes
Rated CapacityUp to 1000 Cu. ft.
Weight86 lbs
Labor2 Years
Parts5 Years
Key Features
High Temperature AlarmYes
Electronic ControlsYes
Digital Temperature DisplayYes
Defrost SystemAuto-Defrost Cycle
CertificationETL Tested
Condenser (Split Systems)
Weight45 lbs.
Electrical Requirements115V AC / 60Hz
PDFOwners Manual
PDFMonthly Operating Cost
PDFEvaporator Cut-Sheet
PDFCondensing Unit Cut Sheet
PDFEvaporator Mounting Instructions
PDFLine Sizing Chart
PDFWiring Diagram - Valve Control
PDFWiring Diagram - SIngle Power
PDFInstallation Checklist
PDFCompressor Heater Evaluation

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Available Options:

Add Cellarpro Remote Display/Control Unit
CellarPro Remote Display/Control Unit [more info] +$225.00

Optional CellarPro Cold-Temperature Compressor Heater
CellarPro Cold Temperature Compressor Heater [more info] +$99.00

Add CellarPro Split System Outdoor Hood
CellarPro Split System Outdoor Hood [more info] +$400.00

Optional CellarPro Bottle Probe
Add Optional CellarPro Bottle Probe [more info] +$99.00

Optional 3200/4200 CellarPro Duct Kits
CellarPro 3200 / 4200 Low Humidity Duct Kit (Front) - Ducting Included [more info] +$399.00
CellarPro 3200 / 4200 Low Humidity Duct HOOD (Front) - Ducting Not Included [more info] +$299.00
CellarPro 3200 / 4200 High Humidity Duct Kit (Front) - Ducting Included [more info] +$725.00
CellarPro 3200 / 4200 High Humidity Duct HOOD (Front) - Ducting Not Included [more info] +$625.00
CellarPro 3200 / 4200 Duct Kit (Rear) - Ducting Included [more info] +$299.00
CellarPro 3200 / 4200 Duct HOOD (Rear) - Ducting Not Included [more info] +$199.00
CellarPro 3200 / 4200 Duct Kit with Fan (Rear) [more info] +$399.00

Optional Louvered Grill
Add White Louvered Grill [more info] +$45.00
CellarPro Louvered Wood Grill Cover [more info] +$119.95

Important Note about the CellarPro Split System Cooling Unit Warranty

Split systems cooling units are shipped in pieces that must be installed, connected and charged with refrigerant (R134a) by a properly trained technician.

Split systems are extremely advanced equipment, and can be damaged or destroyed if installed improperly. Common installation mistakes, which can cause irreparable damage to components in the condensing unit, include under or over charging the system, charging through the wrong valve, charging with impure refrigerant, etc.

Therefore, CellarPro requires a completed checklist from the installing technician in order to activate the manufacturer's warranty on this equipment. The checklist is located on the last page of the Owner's Manual. You can also find a .pdf version in the Info & Guides tab above.

Once CellarPro receives the checklist, they will review the data to make sure that the cooling system has been installed properly.

PLEASE NOTE: Your warranty will not be activated until the completed checklist is received. If the system malfunctions, CellarPro cannot provide assistance until they receive the completed checklist from the installing technician. If the unit is damaged because of improper installation, any repair or replacement parts and services will not be covered by warranty, and instead will be provided on a time and materials basis.

We make every effort to publish the checklist and the warranty policy so that it cannot be missed during the purchase process or by the installing technician. The warranty policy is posted online and is included in the Owner's Manual (which is shipped with the cooling system). The checklist is posted online, is included in the Owner's Manual, and is included as a separate, loose sheet with the cooling system's paperwork. In addition, 15 days after the order has shipped, CellarPro sends an email reminder stating that the checklist is required in order to activate the warranty. The email is sent to the dealer's email address, and to the "customer email" address provided by you at the time you place your order.

For the safety of the equipment and to activate the warranty, please make sure that you complete and return the checklist to us as soon as possible after their split system has been installed.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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