Vintage View MAG1-BLACK PEARL - 9 Magnum / Champagne Bottle Wine Rack - Black Pearl Finish

The VintageView Magnum Series wall-mounted wine racks are manufactured specifically for your Magnum and Champagne bottles. The VintageView MAG1-BLACK PEARL is a single depth wine rack that holds 9 Magnum / Champagne bottles. Nine rows, one bottle deep and 3' 9" Tall. The black pearl finish allows for an elegant appearance. The MAG series racks are designed to hold Magnum wine bottles when placed 8.5 to 10 inches apart. They will hold Champagne bottles when placed 7.5 inches apart. The black pearl racks are Special Order: Allow 8-10 weeks for delivery.

VintageView wine storage fits in a kitchen pantry, hallway, cabinet, under a staircase, or racks an entire residential cellar. VintageView allows you to find the right bottle at a glance.

Founded in 2001, Wine Master Cellars® was built around the concept of providing an alternative to traditional cork-forward wine racking. After years of development modifications, the VintageView® wine rack was born, and with it came the option to store wine the way it was meant to be stored....with the label in full view!

Though the VintageView® racks look fairly simple at first glance, there are numerous angles and material specifications that must be met in order to insure the proper support of valuable wine collections. All VintageView® racks are built to exact specifications with the final product going through a multi-point quality control program before any rack is approved and packaged by the factory. Despite building thousands of racks in each production run, our quality control program has never been compromised and Wine Master Cellars® is the first to replace any products that don't meet our exacting requirements. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction with all VintageView® racks. All VintageView® racks carry a limited lifetime warranty.

VintageView® racks are built from the finest A500 and A1018 cold-rolled steel and welded to safely support the wine bottles. Our sourcing staff insures that materials are perfect and that welds are exact, with little or no possibility of weld failure. Our racks - satin black, copper, brass, chrome and black pearl - are finished with a powder coat and our Platinum Series are brushed, nickel plated and sprayed with a clear coat for a finish resembling a brushed stainless steel. VintageView® racks come in 36 different configurations ranging from simple wall strips to free-standing island point-of-purchase displays. Your wine collection is as important to us as it is to you and we take exceptional pride in the fact that you entrust the VintageView® rack to your wine storage / display needs.

Vintage View MAG1-BLACK PEARL - 9 Magnum / Champagne Bottle Wine Rack - Black Pearl Finish
Photo of Vintage View MAG1-BLACK PEARL - 9 Magnum / Champagne Bottle Wine Rack - Black Pearl Finish
Vintage View MAG1-BLACK PEARL - 9 Magnum / Champagne Bottle Wine Rack - Black Pearl Finish
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VintageView wine racks allow you to clearly see wine labels in a quick glance. In addition to the benefit of label-forward wine bottle storage, VintageView wine racks are easy to install and provide perfect airflow between bottles. These wine racks offer the same storage capacity as traditional racks but has the flexibility to work in virtually any space.

VintageView metal wine racks are constructed from the finest A500 and 1018 cold-rolled steel, then coated with a high quality protective powder coating in wine bottle green and baked for a durable and attractive finish. All wine rack materials are ensured to be free from defects and the welds exact, with little to no possibility of weld failure.

VintageView wine racks may also reduce the amount of time spent cleaning inventory. There is plenty of space between each bottle for dusting so there is no need to disturb the bottles while you clean!

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Product Reviews

Vintage View MAG1-BLACK PEARL - 9 Magnum / Champagne Bottle Wine Rack - Black Pearl Finish Reviews

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