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Churchill's Nut Brown Ale Starter Kit

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Mr. Beer's 20946 Churchill's Nut Brown Ale Starter Kit makes 2 gallons (22 servings) of delicious Churchill's Nut Brown Ale. A traditional English style ale with a deep reddish-brown hue and light lacy head, Churchill's Nut Brown Ale's rich, chocolaty flavor is balanced by a slight hoppy finish. Ale aficionados will find this complete variety to be very smooth.

Mr. Beer starter kits allow craft beer enthusiasts to brew high-quality beer with less time, equipment, and expense than other homebrewing methods. Their patented brewing system includes a compact, lightweight fermenter that is modeled after the design of professional brewing equipment. It also includes a can of brewing extract - a concentrated form of all natural malted barley and hops - produced in a state-of-the-art facility by Australia's oldest family owned brewery, No-Rinse Cleanser, and unique Carbonation Drops to simplify the sanitation and carbonation process.


  • 8 Liter (2 Gallon) Fermenter with Lid, Spigot, Washer and Nut Assembly
    This completely reusable fermenter minimizes yeast transfer and has a unique venting system. It makes 2 gallons of award-winning beer every time you brew. Since it is not made of glass, this fermenter is lightweight and can withstand much more abuse than your typical glass carboy. No need to worry about dropping this little guy!
  • All Grain Churchill's Nut Brown Ale Brewing Extract
    Formulated and produced by master brewers at Coopers Brewery in Australia using the highest quality barley and hops, this all grain Churchill's Nut Brown Ale brewing extract produces a traditional English Brown Ale that boasts a deep reddish brown hue that is offset by a light lacy head. A rich, chocolaty flavor balanced out by a slight hoppy finish makes this old school brew both complex and smooth. It is no wonder this beer style has withstood the test of time!
  • No Rinse Cleanser
    This No-Rinse Cleanser cleans and disinfects with oxygen and doesn't require rinsing when used to disinfect. When used properly, it will not contribute off flavors to your beer. The single pouch will prepare both keg and bottles for one batch of beer.
  • Packet of Yeast (Under Lid of Brewing Extract
  • Booster Pouch
  • Easy-to-Follow Brewing Instructions

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