Pico Serving Keg

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The PicoBrew Serving Keg is an essential component of the Pico brewing system and designed to serve your handcrafted microbrews. This 1.25 US gallon, or 5-liter, keg is reusable and holds a full batch of Pico beer for chilling, carbonating, and serving. The serving keg comes equipped with a drip-free tap that ensures no-mess serving on your countertop or table. This keg is the perfect size to serve your Pico-brewed beer whether you're enjoying it at home or taking it to a party!


  • 1.25 US gallons (5-liter) capacity
  • Transportable, with an integrated, resealable, drip-free tap
  • Can lie flat in the refrigerator
  • Sized to fit the PicoPak Keg Label that identifies each brew
  • Approximately 7" (dia.) x 9.75" (height)

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