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Have you ever enjoyed a great craft beer, and wondered if you could brew it yourself? Have you heard from others that beer-brewing takes a lot of time, involves a lot of sanitation and cleaning, and requires some basic chemistry training? Do you yearn for homebrew equipment that looks more modern, professional, high-tech? With the PicoBrew Pico, your search for the perfect homebrew solution is finally over!

PicoBrew's Pico Brewing Appliance offers an endless selection of PicoPaks from breweries around the world that you can brew at home, any time you want. Enjoy the search for your next brew session by browsing the huge variety of beers from brands you love. Including such leading brewers like: 21st Amendment, Rogue Ales, and Abita. Feel like a new adventure? Try a brewery from across the country, or even from a whole different continent. The possibilities are endless with BrewMarketplace. No beer is more fresh than the one you just brewed at home. Pico is expertly engineered to help you create consistent craft beer in your kitchen using fresh ingredients and quality recipes.

Program Your Pico From Your Phone

The sleek, compact and modern design of the PicoBrew allows it to fit comfortably on any kitchen or bar countertop, matching the decor of any home. Interactive technology inside the Pico lets it recognize each specific PicoPak being brewed. This allows ideal mashing temperature, duration, and hop additions to all be done correctly per the beer style. With some of the Pico components being dishwasher-safe, clean up is a breeze compared to traditional homebrewing equipment. The expertly engineered Pico brings the brewing process to life, and with minimal cleanup and attention needed, it is the perfect accompaniment for your next party, family holiday, or big game. Be the envy of all your beer drinking friends with the new Pico, which gives you the freedom to brew the impossible.

Prefer more hops and less alcohol? Pico allows customization on any PicoPak. You can fine-tune each beer's alcohol percentage or bitterness to your liking. The FreeStyle PicoPak allows you to create a completely unique and custom beer. PicoBrew's customization software employs an innovative graphical user interface to allow the modification of grains, hops and yeast in a recipe.

As a Pico owner, you'll join a rapidly growing community of hundreds of PicoBrewers already sharing recipes, ratings, and tips and producing some of the best craft beer batches being brewed worldwide today!

Pico Brewing Machine


  • Pico brewing machine
  • User manual
  • One (1) PicoPak, selected at shipping time
  • One (1) Brewing Keg
  • One (1) Dispensing Keg
  • Brewing keg seal, stopper, and keg lid
  • Keg Cozy for maintaining brewing temperature
  • Fast Fermentation Adapter for decreasing fermentation time
  • Dispensing keg plug
  • Dip tube brush for brewing keg cleaning
  • (2) Keg Wands for system cleaning
  • Racking tube for transferring wort from brewing keg to dispensing keg
  • CO2 regulator and adapter for dispensing keg
  • Cleaning tablets for deep cleaning

What is the difference between the Pico Pro and the Pico Model C?

The Pico Pro for the more seasoned homebrewer. It features a stainless steel exterior and bigger OLED display. The Pico Pro comes with 2 ball-lock brew kegs, preferred by professional brewers. This stainless-steel keg features rubber grips and industry-standard ball-lock connectors that work directly with accessories like party taps and kegerators. The Pico Model C is ideal for new home brewers and is more affordable! The Pico Model C features a black, powder-coated exterior, a sleek 2-line OLED display, natural carbonation, a serving keg and a simpler-to-use Pico Model C Brew Keg that fits in the dishwasher.


  • Brews 5 liters (5.2 qt.) of beer at a time.
  • Fine-tune any PicoPak to your liking, or create a custom PicoPak with your own recipe of selected hops, yeast and grains
  • Adjust ABV (alcohol) and Bitterness for any brew
  • Choose Standard Fermentation (about 10 days) or Fast Fermentation (6-7 days)
  • Compact unit requires no assembly and sits on kitchen counter
  • Built-in steam cleaning simplifies sanitization
  • PicoPaks are biodegradable and compostable after use
  • Includes your first Half-Squeezed IPA PicoPak


  • 12" x 14" x 16" high
  • 5-liter cap. (5.2 qt.)
  • Weight: 32 lbs
  • 1600W
  • Made in USA and Mexico
  • This product is intended for use in the United States and Canada and is built to United States electrical standards

How it works


Introducing the PicoPak

It just makes sense that the freshest ingredients make the best and freshest craft beers. PicoPack is pre-measured with the finest grains and hops. The Pico Pro recognizes each specific PicoPak and its associated recipe based on its RFID tag. PicoPaks take the guesswork out of brewing and ensure delicious results, every time. And when you're done brewing, you can simply place your spent PicoPak in your compost bin.


Starting off right: it really is the water!

Great beer really does start with the perfect water, so when Pico-brewing it is recommend to start with distilled water. Each PicoPak contains unique water amendments - various minerals that build up the water you brew with to exactly match the water profiles used by the breweries that created your PicoPaks.

precision mashing

Precision mashing: extracting sugars and flavor from grains

PicoPaks contain fresh grains that have been malted, roasted and cracked so they are primed to release the special sugars that waters at precise temperatures can unlock. This first stage of brewing is called mashing, and the exact times and temperatures that grains are soaked determines the content of the beer "wort" produced. Control and precision are the keys here to producing the fluids that when boiled, then cooled and fermented become your beer.

boil hop

Boil with multiple hop additions

Brewers for centuries have boiled their beer wort with hops to impart bitterness, flavors and aromas that can make great beer the nuanced sensory experience that leaves you thirsting for more. Adding hops into the boil at different stages lends different characteristics to the resulting beer, from bitterness derived from alpha acids to more flavors and aromas derived from the hop oils. The PicoBrewing process with up to 4 unique hop additions accommodates a very broad range of beer recipe styles.


Fermentation: converting sugars into alcohol

After the beer wort has been fully infused with delicious hop flavors and aromas the solution is cooled, and then the magic begins. Yeast is "pitched" into the beer wort and begins to go to work on the sugars, converting them into alcohol and CO2 . Different yeasts also impart their own unique flavors to the beer. Fermentation typically takes 4-7 days, depending on the beer and the yeast.


Carbonation: tiny bubbles that make beer happy

Forcing the right amount of carbonation into your beer finishes it off, allows the beer to be crisp and refreshing, enhancing bitterness and mouth-feel, and carrying the fresh hop and malt aromas to your nose. Pico Pro comes with a precision CO2 regulator and cartridges that allow you to finish your beer perfectly.

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Pico Pro - Craft Beer Brewing Appliance Reviews

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MVP Brewing Purchase of the last 5 Years
by:Malcolm (11-17-2017)
Comments:I've had the Pico Pro for 6 months now and have to say it's the best brewing equipment purchase I've made! I used to brew 6.5 gallon all grain batches but after getting married and getting a house I found that I had little time for a 6hr brew day. Storing all of that equipment takes up precious space as well. The Pico Pro fits nicely on my countertop. Additional equipment and Picopaks fit in cupboards nearby and when I'm ready to brew I can get set up in about 5 mins. The brew process is as easy as selecting your recipe, adding distilled water and pressing start.
There are a wide variety of styles and recipes available on the BrewMarketplace and more are being added all the time. One of the great things about this machine is the ability to make beer that you might not otherwise have access to. Some of the smallest breweries sometimes make the best beers and you can make them at home with the Pico Pro. If you want more variety, you do have a choice to alter standard recipies slighlty before brewing but if I'm going to make something different I opt for the Custom Pico Paks. By selecting my own hops and grains from Pico's website, I can make custom recipes paks. I like to scale down my old all grain recipes and make them into Pico Paks. Contrary to what I have seen posted on some forums - this machine does all grain brewing- not extract, not syrup!
After about 2.5 hrs you are left with a little more than 5 litres of wort in a fermentation keg and a used Pico Pak. While the keg is cooling you simply dump the Pico Pak grains in the compost. Add some more water to the machine and run a rinse cycle -and you're done cleanup! Every few brew Pico Pro will prompt you to run a deep clean which requires a dishwasher pak - no special cleaners to buy! You can put your keg in a waterbath to speed up cooling, put it out in the snow or just wait 24hrs. Either way, once it's cooled add you yeast and let it ferment.
There are two options to ferment -with the standard old school "bubbler" or with their special fast ferment lid and pressure relief valve. I usually like to ferment at 70F so I don't usually use the fast ferment option but it is great for wheats and saison when you want to up the temp and get some fruity, wild flavours suitable for those styles. Temperature plays a big role in how the final beer will taste and the stick on thermometer Pico provides makes it easy to monitor keg temperature at a glance. When fermentation is complete, put the whole mini keg in the fridge for 24hrs, to allow the yeast to drop to the bottom. Then transfer off the yeast using the quick connect transfer tube to another brew keg. Connect the CO2 regulator to force carbonate. This sounds like a lot of work but each step takes just a couple of minutes. After 36hrs of carbonation, connect the party tap and you're ready to drink the freshest beer you can get!

Though the Brew Marketplace has a wide variety of Picopaks there are a few ways I have found to add my own twist. You can suspend a muslin bag in keg during the boil, adding spice, citrus rind, hop, etc. You can go to your local homebrew store and purchase any yeast you want to get the flavour you are looking for.
Final cleanup of the fermentation keg takes a little more effort - removing the posts with a ratchet and getting your hand inside the keg to be sure that every little ledge and spot if clean. I mixed up out and in post after keg cleaning- be careful not to do this. They will screw on but later you'll find that the appropriate quick connect will no longer connect! Just keep them separate or clean them one at a time to avoid this mistake - nonetheless - they're easy to switch back to the correct positions.
Overall - I love the machine! It's much easier, cleaner and quicker than all grain brewing the old way and I love the final product! I can still make some of my old recipes using the Freestyle Picopaks and I can get creative with a few tweaks to yeast, dry hopping and boil additions. Can't wait to try more Pico Paks from interesting breweries from all over the world!
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.


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