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Conical Fermenter Neoprene Sleeve

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BrewDemon's awesomely designed neoprene cooling or warming sleeve allows you to regulate and control your wort no matter what the temperature is. Designed to fit the BrewDemon 2 Gallon Conical Fermenter, it will keep your wort warm during those cold winter months, and for additional heat, there are four pockets to place microwavable heating packs in. In the summer, the neoprene sleeve helps keep the wort cool and allows you to place up to 4 ice packs on your fermenter at all times. However you decide to use this sleeve, you can be certain that you're in control of your homebrew.

Key Instructions:

  • Place over the fermenter - Front window allows you to view the temp strip
  • For Cooling - Place ice packs (from the top) inside any of the four pockets
  • For Heating - Simply slide over the fermenter to keep the heat in, and if you still need to warm things up, place microwavable heating packs (from the top) inside any of the four pockets

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