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ChillzTM Ice Wraps (4 pack)

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BrewDemon ChillzTM Ice Wraps are the perfect ice replacement to cool and maintain the temperature of your wort in hot summer months. These reusable ice wraps stay flexible even when they're frozen and can be cut in size to fit in smaller areas. Made to pair with the BrewDemon Neoprene Sleeve to maintain temperature during hot summer months. Ice wraps can also be used to chill your bottles, jugs, and just about everything else.


  • 4 Sheets of Ice Wraps (10.5 x 7.5 x 0.5)

Key Instructions:

  • Soak (Hydrate) - Soak in water until pillows expand. For faster results, use warm water and gently massage cells.
  • Freeze - Pat dry before placing into the freezer (freezes in about 2 hours).
  • Customize Your Sheets - Customize to any size by cutting between individual pillows in any row.
  • Repeat - Reuse over and over Resoak, Refreeze, Reuse!
  • For use with BrewDemon Neoprene Sleeve - Simply cut each sheet in half twice, leaving you with 4 sheets (2 x 3 pads each). After freezing, slide up to 4 of these sheets into the neoprene sleeve (depending on the temperature you wish to achieve).

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