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Bubbler Upgrade (2-Gal Kit)

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BrewDemon Bubbler Upgrade provides a double bubble airlock that offers advantages other airlocks simply can't. The double bubbler shows the difference between the inside air pressure and the outside air pressure, a great way to gauge fermenting activity It can also prevent "suck back" which is when liquid in the airlock is sucked into the fermenter due to temperature changes.


  • Double Bubble Airlock
  • #2 Rubber Stopper
  • Airtight Gasket for Fermenter Lid (Design for BrewDemon Fermenter Lid)

Key Instructions:

  • Sanitize The Airlock - Sanitize everything (inside and out) before using.
  • Adding The Airlock - After you have made your beer and added the yeast, tightened down the lid, then add the airlock.
  • Filling The Airlock - After the airlock is firmly in place, add water to the fill line(s), sanitized water or alcohol (like vodka) is preferred. (FYI. if need be, refilling it with regular tap water should be fine).
  • Removing The Airlock - Remove the airlock (and/or loosen your lid) BEFORE opening your tap for any reason. Completely remove the airlock before bottling your beer.

Brewing Note

Always remove the airlock when opening tap, otherwise liquid from the airlock will wind-up in your beer.

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