Carbonating Keg Lid

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This Kegco Carbonating Keg Lid is a corny keg lid with an extra CO2 bulk head that comes complete with two feet of 3/16" tubing, two worm drive clamps, and a carb stone. This allows you to inject CO2 into your kegged beer from the bottom and have it permeate up through the beer in fine bubbles for rapid carbonation. The keg lid includes a pressure relief valve and a lid sealing O ring, and fits kegs with 3" by 3-1/2" oval lids.

To use, install the lid on your beer keg and chill the keg to 40 degrees Fahrenheit or colder. When the keg has been chilled, attach the gas line to the post on the lid and set the dispensing pressure to 25 PSI. After 6 hours, remove the gas line. Attach your gas line to the gas in post on your keg and release the head pressure in the keg so it is around 6-8 PSI. Your beer will now be carbonated, and you can adjust your gas to whatever pressure you want to dispense at.

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