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Super Beer Tower Cooler with Rocker Switch - 1/2" Hose

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Do you want to dispense colder, less foamy beer from your kegerator? Look no further, Coldtower offers the best coolers on the market. The Coldtower Super Tower Cooler is capable of cooling your beer, making even the first beer of the day ice cold, while simultaneously eliminating excess foam.

After many designs and tests, Coldtower has produced a cooling system like no other. This tower cooler comes equipped with a powerful 34 CFM (cubic feet per minute) blower that blasts cold air into your beer tower, similar to the way an air conditioner cools down your car. The combination of the Coldtower design and a powerful blower distributing air directly into the air hose, opposed to a computer box fan like many competitors, yielding the best results possible for chilling your beer. The 34 CFM is capable of lowering the tower temperature by 20-25° more than competing computer boxes. The blower is very powerful, yet very quiet, and has the ability to cool your tower in just a few minutes after being turned on. The blower is also capable of easily cooling a dual tap tower. The factory injection molded design provides durability and protects the blower from moisture and icing.

The Coldtower super tower cooler is powered by a 12 volt, high efficient power supply, and comes equipped with a switch on the power cord so you don't have to open the kegerator door to turn the unit on or off. There is a second switch on the cooler, the rocker switch, for those whose outlets are behind the the kegerator, making it difficult to turn the tower cooler on and off from the power cord. These included switches enable you to power the cooler whenever you please, allowing you to save on your electric bill or prolong the life of your tower cooler. Tower cooler includes the 12 volt power supply as well as a 1/2" I.D. flex hose, providing you with everything you need to get it running right away. The upgraded 1/2" connector and hose allow more airflow than the standard 3/8" hose and connector providing you with maximum cooling. This Coldtower super cooler is easy to install and is compatible with any kegerator.

Please Note:

  • Make sure to have clean beer lines and the CO2 pressure is set properly before installation of the tower cooler. This unit will not prevent foamy beer caused by dirty beer lines or improperly set CO2 pressure. Depending on how cold your kegerator gets, you may want to leave tower cooler running constantly and not switch it off. If your kegerator gets very cold and forms ice on the cooling plate, ice could form on the blower when it is switched off, resulting in a noisy blower when switched on, or possible blower failure. This will probably NOT be a problem unless you have modified your kegerator to make it colder or if you are controlling the temperature externally with a temperature controller.

Super Beer Tower Cooler with Rocker Switch - 1/2" Hose Reviews

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I would buy this product again
by:Bobby (01-02-2019)
Comments:I love it works great my kegarator is perfect now!!!!!
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
I would buy this product again
by:Bobby (01-02-2019)
Comments:I love it works great my kegarator is perfect now!!!!!
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Not bad
by:Jack (03-27-2017)
Chincoteague, VA
Comments:It seems to be constructed well, and keeps the tower cool. Downfall, it is very noisy
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Fixed all my issues
by:Reed Rothchild (12-10-2016)
Davenport FL
Comments:I finally feel like I have a professional keg system at home. Been fighting a lot this past year with too much foam. That first pour was half foam or even more. It didn't seem like the foam stopped until 3 beers in and even then if we didn't pour more soon it started all over again. I also had to keep my pressure around 8 to avoid even crazier foam. In full disclosure I did 2 things and I think the combo dialed my keg in perfect. So 1 was adding the cooler, my tower is now very cold go the touch , even sweating like you see in bars. Second I think for me my kegerator's temp was fluctuating way too much. I wouldn't move the dial and sometimes it was 25 degrees and other times 42! So I also purchased a temp control unit, which are used to give much better control. You just turn up the kegerator to coldest, and it controls by simply turning the power on and off to the cord. So I was able to set it to 38 degrees with a 4 degree swing, on at 36 off at 40. I have checked the fluid temp about 20 times and it seems to be holding my liquid temp right at 36. You may have to dial your unit in, but those settings were perfect for me and now I am pouring perfect 22oz beers! First beer perfect temp and a perfect 1/2" head. Temp unit if interested is a kegco tc-321. If you have easily set up all the electronics in your house then you can set this up, if you study the directions for a few minutes. If not, get it anyway, then call tech support and they will help you. They have always helped me with anything, and told me to call them if it got too frustrating trying to set it up. I do believe both pieces are what got me tuned in perfectly.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
For this Tower cooler, do you have to drill through the kegerator to get it powered? I don’t understand how this works.
by PiperM on July 25, 2020
Hello with this tower cooling fan you would use the knockout on the back of the unit to route the power cable into the unit. Drilling would not be recommended as it will void the manufacture's warranty. Please reach out at 800-710-9939 if we can assist you further with this.
by Dakota on July 27, 2020
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