Beer Tower Cooler

Model: 17D02-105
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  • Continuously blows a small amount of cold air from your kegerator into the beer tower
  • Keeps faucets and shanks ice cold
  • Helps eliminate initial use or warm beer foaming
  • Can be installed in minutes
  • Requires no tools

Help eliminate that foamy first glass of beer cased by warm beer faucets and shanks with this beer tower cooler. It is designed to continuously blow a small amount of cold air from your kegerator into the beer tower to keep faucets and shanks ice cold.

This tower cooler can easily be installed in minutes, and requires no tools.


Works Great

Eliminated my foam problem.


Not quite what I expected

I was hoping this would eliminate the half to three quarters glass of foam I get on my first pour from my kegerator. It doesn't--maybe a little. I don't use my kegerator every day and seem to still get at least half a glass of foam. I'm working on adjusting the position of the hose in the tower to see if that helps. Jury is still out. Not sure if I would recommend it or not.

How long and what size is the hoes???
by Gar on October 30, 2019
The hose is 2 feet in length.
by Ben on November 04, 2019
Staff Answer
How is the tower cooler powered and where does the plug go?
by Dontcare on January 15, 2024
The tower cooler plugs into a standard outlet by a cord that can be ran in through the knockout hole in the back of the kegerator.
by Jake on January 15, 2024
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