Flaked Oats - 1 oz Bag

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Pre-gelatinized oat flakes are ideal for brewing. The gelatinizing process allows the naturally occurring enzymes in barley malt to make the starches readily soluble and digestible. This allows the flakes to be incorporated directly into the mash with other grains. Due to the flakes having a large surface area and being pre-cooked, they hydrate and disintegrate quickly. Filtration time is normal. Oat flakes have been dehulled before being cooked and flaked. Although these flakes are readily attacked by the malt enzymes, yield will be slightly lower than with other pregelatinized flakes. Oat flakes contain a very distinct "sticky" mouth-feel, noticeable even when used in small amounts.


  • 1 oz Bag
  • 0 Lovibond
  • Use as up to 30% of total grist

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