The Wolf - 64 oz Double Wall Stainless Steel Screw Cap Beer Growler

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Everyone needs an awesome Growler and Beverage Factory's got what you need! Take your draft beer or any other hot or cold beverage on the go with the Wolf, an awesome 64 oz (2 liter) growler from Kegco.

Complete with state-of-the-art double wall, vacuum sealed construction to reduce heat transfer, this top of the line beer growler eliminates conduction and convection to make sure your hot drinks stay hot and that beer or other cold beverages stay cold. The durable food-grade stainless steel body has a brushed finish with an easy grip textured top and carrying handle.

The handle attached, silicone sealed screw cap ensures your beer stays fresh. The cap easily swings out of the way and locks into place to make filling and emptying the growler a breeze. On top of all that, the entire top can be screwed off for easy cleaning! These growlers are the ideal companion for a quick run to the local microbrewery for a fill-up or to transport your own home brew concoctions! This Growler from Kegco is the perfect way to take your favorite beverages with you everywhere you go!

If you've got a big event coming up and want a special gift to commemorate the occasion or you want to promote your brand, we offer bulk pricing and customization on these growlers, allowing you to add your own custom logo. This growler has a large printable area so you can have a logo on the front and back or a graphic wrapped around 99% of the growler.

QTY 32 oz. 32 oz. 64 oz. 64 oz.
1 $2150 /GLR $2195 /GLR $2495 /GLR $2425 /GLR
24 $1899 /GLR $1946 /GLR $2265 /GLR $2325 /GLR
48 $1799 /GLR $1846 /GLR $2165 /GLR $2225 /GLR
72 $1699 /GLR $1746 /GLR $2065 /GLR $2125 /GLR
144 $1499 /GLR $1546 /GLR $1865 /GLR $1925 /GLR
QTY 32 oz. 32 oz.
1 $2150 /GLR $2195 /GLR
24 $1899 /GLR $1946 /GLR
48 $1799 /GLR $1846 /GLR
72 $1699 /GLR $1746 /GLR
144 $1499 /GLR $1546 /GLR
QTY 64 oz. 64 oz.
1 $2495 /GLR $2425 /GLR
24 $2265 /GLR $2325 /GLR
48 $2165 /GLR $2225 /GLR
72 $2065 /GLR $2125 /GLR
144 $1865 /GLR $1925 /GLR

Minimum order for screen printing is 24 growlers. There is no setup fee. Give us a call at 1-800-710-9939 option 1 for further details.

  • 64 oz capacity
  • Double Wall design
  • 11.5" height x 5" diameter
  • Passivated to ensure tap fresh flavor
  • Screw Top is attached to ensure you never lose it
  • Silicone cap seal keeps beer carbonated longer
  • Cap swings out of the way and locks in place for easy filling and pouring
  • Food grade 18/8 stainless steel with no plastic liner
  • Elegant design with easy grip handle
  • With proper care (scroll down) it will last and last
UPC: 700697198942
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