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Hop Filter - 300 Micron Mesh - 6" x 14"

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This hop filter, also known as a hop spider, is constructed of 300 micron mesh stainless steel and measures 6" in diameter and 14" in length. This sized hop spider was designed to filter hops in 10 gallon batches. The 300 micron mesh provides total containment of whole or pellet hops while still allowing wort to flow through. This hop filter comes equipped with tabs for hanging on the side of a brew pot or brew kettle as well as a tangent strip that also serves as a handle.

If you are using a plate chiller, it is a good ideal to recirculate your wort through this filter before hooking up the plate chiller to collect the trub, Irish moss clumps or spices you may have added. Hops, trubs, and spices can clog beer valves and drainage systems which can eventually lead to cloudy beer and can cause issues when bottling or kegging. Thus, this filter makes the perfect tool for keeping hops, spices, and dried fruit out of your brew.

Hop Filter - 300 Micron Mesh - 6" x 14" Reviews

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I use this ever time I Brew!
by:Glenn (05-30-2017)
Comments:Filtering Wort
Hop trap
Makes your Beer better!
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.