Natural Gas Conversion Kit for Hellfire Stand Burner

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The Blichmann natural gas conversion kit is perfect for getting your Hellfire standing burner to run on natural gas opposed to propane gas. Propane tanks have a limited capacity causing many brewers to run out of propane in the middle of a brew day. By running your burner on natural gas, you'll never run into this problem again! While natural gas has a lower heat output than propane, the Blichmann burners still perform wonderfully when running off natural gas.The natural gas conversion kit comes with a simple orifice and just requires switching it out with the existing burner orifice and removing the propane regulator to get started.

Please Note:

  • Natural gas conversion for standing burner requires a shutoff valve that is not included

Natural Gas Conversion Kit for Hellfire Stand Burner Reviews

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Useful to have.
by:Greg (06-08-2017)
West Virginia
Comments:Low cost. Easy to hook up. Great product.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.