BSG The Fermometer - Adhesive Fermenting Thermometer

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  • Self-Adhesive Fermenting Thermometer
  • Made of Water-Resistant Mylar
  • For Use With Fermenting Buckets and Carboys
  • Temperature Range of 36 to 78 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Accurate to 1 Degree / More Sanitary Than Immersion Thermometers

The Fermometer is a liquid crystal display thermometer designed to precisely and conveniently monitor the temperature of the fermentation process, without the sanitation concerns of immersion thermometers. It has a temperature range of 36 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit with temperature indicators every 2 degrees. Interpolation allows for one degree temperature determinations. It features suggested ranges for the fermentation of both ales and lagers.

The Fermometer is easy to use, and reading the temperature is very straight forward. Simply peel off the paper on the back and attach to the outside of your fermenter with the self-adhesive backing. If one crystal is highlighted in green, it is that temperature. If two adjoining crystals are highlighted in blue and tan, it is the temperature in between.

The Fermometer is made of Mylar to be water resistant. Easy-to-read two color graphics are printed on the back side of the top layer, to keep the graphics from scratching and keep the Fermometer looking brand new.

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