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Leg Extensions for 42 Gallon Fermenator

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Do you like the Fermenator, but wish you had the clearance to gravity drain into kegs? Well, Blichmann had you in mind when they made their Fermenator leg extensions! These leg extensions bolt directly onto the standard legs of the Fermenator and raise the whole assembly an additional 18". With this additional space, you can easily drain into kegs without needing to pressurize the fermenter and push beer out with carbon dioxide. An extra set of legs may very well make your life much easier!

These bolt-on leg extensions for the 42 Gallon Fermenator are a great feature for brewers that want to make both ales and lagers with the same unit. Since the legs are removable, you can place the Fermenator in you refrigerator for lager brewing. With the legs attached, the Fermenator is at the perfect height for easy siphoning into a Cornelius keg. The leg extensions may also be used with casters, which is quite handy for rolling the Fermenator into place after filling.


  • Each set of leg extensions is sized for the specific Fermenator they will be used with (not one size fits all) so make your selection based on your Fermenator size
  • Conical not included

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