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Turbo Pot

32.6 Qt. Turbo Stock Pot

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No more "watched pot never boils" when you use the innovative Turbo Pot stock pot. This techno-advanced cookware is perfect for making stock, broth, and soup; boiling lobster, shrimp, and corn; or deep frying turkey. The high-performance heat sink saves time and energy, enabling you to cook hotter and faster. The Turbo Pot stock pot boasts uniform heating to reduce hot spots. Dim down the burner and cook normally, you will save a lot of gas bill. The Turbo Pot also provides unparalleled culinary performances that enable chefs to cook better and healthier foods. The energy efficiency improvement from Eneron's innovative technology has been independently tested by PG&E Food-service Technology Center.

Turbo Pot

    A Watched Pot Never Boils

    When heating standard pots, hot gas escapes over the side of the pot and only 30% of the energy generated by the flame is utilized, slowing down the process of heating, thus slowing down your cooking. To improve that, Turbo Pot's patented advanced technology improves the heat transfer from flame to cookware, reducing heat up time and energy lost.

Turbo Pot Cooking Efficiency Chart

    Introducing Turbo Pot

    Metal fins are incorporated on the base of Turbo Pot cookware to increase the heating surface area and help transfer it evenly. The increased surface area allows the cookware to absorb more heat from the flame, resulting in performance that has been proven to be almost twice as efficient as plain standard pots.

Turbo Pot Water Temp Chart

    The Results

    As a result, the Turbo Pot advanced heat sink technology captures more heat, reducing energy waste, and cuts the time needed to boil water by 25 to 50% faster than normal pot. Independently tested by PG&E and verified in the national restaurant chains proving Turbo Pot is faster than conventional cookware and providing unparalleled culinary performance.

  • 32.6 qt or 8.15 gal capacity stock pot
  • Diameter: 13.4 in or 34 cm
  • Depth: 13.4 in or 34 cm
  • Al Base Thickness: 12 mm
  • Patented power channels provide fast even heating and excellent simmer heat at very low settings
  • All stainless steel construction (except bottom plate) for easy clean-up and is non-reactive with foods
  • Stay cool designed spot welded stainless steel handles
  • Extra durable bottom plate prevents warping
  • Designed primarily for use on gas cook-tops
  • Save money on your gas bill every time you use it
  • Stainless steel lid included
  • NSF certified
  • Kitchen Innovations award winner 2009

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