Simpsons Crystal Medium - 1 oz

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Simpsons Crystal Medium is a crystal malt from the United Kingdom that contributes head retention and sweetness. Crystal Medium malt imparts a more dark-golden to copper hues to the finished beer, and contributes more of the familiar crystal malt flavor notes of malty sweetness, caramel, and toffee. Flavors of caramel that are almost honey-like can be contributed to beers when Simpson's medium crystal is used as part of the grist. This medium crystal helps foam stability and increase body the body of beers and has less drastic color contributions. Simpson's medium crystal tends to lend a light to medium amber color to beers, which increases as a higher percentage is added to the grist. Simpsons Medium Crystal is a wonderful malt that can be used in any beer style where crystal malt is called for, including pales ales, IPAs, milds, and porters.

  • Size: 1 oz
  • Malt Type: Crystal
  • Orgin: United Kingdom
  • Color: 63.2 - 71.8 °Lovibond (167-190 EBC)
  • Moisture: 5.0% max.
  • Usage: 20% max.

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